clueless101's OC - Haru Keiji

Name: Haru Keiji
Age: 18
Birthday: October 10
Gender: Male
Species: Fallen Angel
Hair Colour: Blue hair
Hair Length and Style: short and flat
Eye Colour: green
Skin Colour: slight tan
Personality: quiet, sarcastic, helpful, can be funny
Likes: tricking people, sneaking around, star gazing
Dislikes: Annoying people, people who don’t shut up, altercations
Clothes: Black pants, gray shirt, and white shoes
Background: He was a human until he turned 16 then wings burst from his back and his life changed completely. He found out that he could use magic. Also that once he turned 18 he stopped growing and ageing.
Anything else: Likes to learn new tricks and can tuck his wings in so he looks like a normal human.