My bad guy

Name: Nariku
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Kenai
Hair Colour: Pitch black
Hair Length and Style: Long
Eye Colour: Blood red
Skin Colour: Pale
Personality: Cruel, twisted sense of humour, pain is fun
Likes: Blood, death, pain, fighting, broken trust, cold
Dislikes: Love, warmth, happiness, friendship, stuff like that
Clothes: A very *cough* slutty *cough* outfit. A very very short red and black dress, that pretty much shows off all of her humongous boobs.
Background: The Kenai queen. She is the only female Kenai, and is the only one of them that could pass for hum, or some kind of other mythical creature.
Anything else: She has ripped, black wings, which have blood stains on them from the people she’s killed. Even though they’re ripped, she’s still able to fly.