Name: Ashido Crow
Age: 17
Birthday: April 1
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Length and Style: Short with long bangs with it parted out of his eyes.
Eye Colour: Green
Skin Colour: Tan white
Personality: quite, when he does speak he choose his words carefully, very peaceful natured
Likes: Plants and Flowers
Dislikes: Wars
Clothes: He wears a long black coat that he he keeps button up on his chest, under it he wears a black t-shirt, with blue jeans, and black shoes.
Background: Him and his Brother Knightly grew up together ophans from a war that killed everybody but them in there town.
Anything else: He is one of the easy people to get along with.

Name: Knightly Crow
Age: 18
Birthday: December 3
Gender: Male
Species: Normally looks human but is a werewolf.
Hair Colour: Silver Hair, and fur when he is in werewolf mode
Hair Length and Style: he kepts it short and out of his eyes.
Eye Colour: Right is Blue, Left is Green
Skin Colour: Tan White
Personality: Easily aggitated, thinks he is the strongest person alive, not afarid of anything but his younger brother.
Likes: Sweets and Steak
Dislikes: Sour stuff
Clothes: He wears a white shirt and pants that match as well as a long white coat, and white shoes.
Background: Same as Ashido's
Anything else: He carries a huge sword with him at all times.