greenLeAf863's OC - Xexilia

Name: Xexilia

Age: looks about 16 or 17 but is really quite old (its a mystery! XD)

Birthday: May 23

Gender: Female

Species: Elf (not Santa elf but like a Lord of the Rings or Fantasy type of elf)

Hair Colour: Black with red and silver streaks

Hair Length and Style: long and straight with little braids here and there.

Eye Colour: Changes depending on her mood or feelings

Skin Colour: Very fair

Personality: She likes to draw attention to herself but only because she belives that way no one will really pay attention to her or her past. She's pretty dark and has strong views. ALthough she can get irritated and is pessimistic, if you get to know her, she is caring and wise. She's mostly a fighter but not a rash and hasty one.

Likes: Bread, dark places where she can think, bows and arrows, knives, weapons,running, climbing, animals, and guys XD

Dislikes: morons, extremely bright lights (no she duznt burn in the sun), people who are to full of themselves or think they're invincible, snow.

Clothes: Wears anything practical...which means no skirts or dresses if it can be helped. She always has a quiver and bow on her back and a few knives tucked away.

Background: She prefers her past to be a secret. But she's a pure-blood Elf and immoratl. She has worked as a assassin and a merchant in her life but she just kind of wanders now.

Anything else: She has a few tattoos. Xexilia has a special connection with animals and the elements. She has amazing accuracy and pointy ears!