Kratos Cruxis's Character

Name: Oric Calter
Age: 19
Birthday: November 11
Gender: male
Species: demon (he takes the form of a black cat)
Hair Colour: black
Hair Length and Style: the back goes down to mid back, and he has bangs in the front
Eye Colour: yellow
Skin Colour: extremely pale
Personality: dark, morbid, and depressing in nature, Oric tends to make fun of those that are suffering and takes pleasure in knowing that he causes more pain to people. At one time, he was human and had a solid heart, but after a series of events, he has lost all human emotions of love and trust. He is a trickster in nature and will often steal money with the belief that it is his anyways.
Likes: suffering, morbid talks, gamboling, birds (to eat)
Dislikes: goody-two-shoes, humans in general, dogs
Clothes: dark black pants and a black tunic usually suits him well enough. Sometimes when the need persists, he will dress into formal attire or clothes that allow him to blend into crowds. He often carries a black sword at his waist, but because of its nature, the sword can take any form that Oric wants it to.
Background: At one time human, Oric was born into a poor family suffering on the bring of extinction. Doing his best to try and support his family, the young man spent every day working with his father out in the family farm. His mother, a quiet but controlling woman, was determined to bring her children up right with strict rules. However, just as Oric turned sixteen and was about to take over his father's full position on the land, a group burned down his house in the middle of the night. Being encased with the fear of dying, Oric managed to escape but at a deathly price. Jumping out of a second story window, the young man saved himself but suffered watching his family annihilated.

Forcing himself to move and revenge his family's death's Oric went after the group that had destroyed his family and slayed them all with the brutality of which the likes have never been seen. Starting to retract his heart and refusing to let anyone close to him, Oric became subject to a cold format. Becoming exceedingly obsessive over the want to kill, Oric began to find changes in himself. As his heart hardened more and more, Oric was able to unleash his furry and turn it into dark mana.

Controlling this new source of magical power, Oric began to kill more and more, and one day, as he looked in the mirror, Oric found that he had become a full demon.

Anything else: =X I'm scared of this guy *hides*