kaito1864's OC - Kaito

Age: almost 16
Birthday: 11/27
Species: I am human/kitty man haha *xD*
Hair Colour: blue hair
Hair Length and Style: i have not to short hair but not to long hair *laughs*
Eye Colour:blue
Skin Colour: a color no i'm pale i guess
Personality:friwndly, kinda shy at first till i get to know you *smiles* um wht else um yeah tht pretty much it i guess *laughs*
Likes:food yum,um singing i guess,being heres, um talking to people, and i guess tht it
Dislikes:i don't no some seafood and annoying ppl or mean ppl
Clothes:any shirt and jeans sometimes a jacket *smiles*
Background: hm my background hm well i was born human and one day i woke up with kitty ears.*XD* Allot of people play with my ears as long as people don't pinch them I'm good it hurts if you do pinch them *rubs my kitty ears*
Anything else:anything else hm i have a cat tail *XD* and yeah idk wht else *xD* okay laters *peace*