Artgrrl's OC - Hanna

Name:Hanna Avalon
Birthday: October 5th
Species: human(half witch/half ninja)
Hair Colour: bright orange (ware's a purple head band)
Hair Length short and crimped
Eye Colour:blue green
Skin Colour: pale peace
Personality: friendly, cheerful, stubborn, can be very scary when seriously pissed off
Likes:shopping, reading, learning new spells, cute things
Dislikes: being useless, child cruelty
Clothes:long sleeved black shirt under a short purple tank top with a picture of a cat on the chest, short pleated purple mini shirt with white star buckled belt, short black and purple stripped leggings and black highed ankle boots with pointed toes.
Background: mother is a very powerful witch and father was a very know ninja. How the two meet is unknown. Her parent's countries have an on going war and assassins were sent to kill her since her birth but her mother's familiar servants have been protecting her. Hanna was sent to live in another country to get away from wars and assassins. She had a hard childhood because of her heritage but she harbors no grudge to anyone. Her only wish is her both of her parent's people would make peace.
Anything else: Hanna is a witch. She has a pet bat and cat hybrid named Dusk and she has a twin sister who's a ninja.