HalfwayVamped's OCs

Name: Chase Aurelius(yes, i know, its a roman emperor's last name)
Age: 19
Birthday: 2/29
Species: Hellian Incubus(Chaste)
Hair Colour: Black/Blonde
Hair Length and Style: His hair is shaggy but purposely so. It hangs in his face and eyes constantly, poker straight
Eye Colour: Violet
Skin Colour: fairly tan(he grew up in Hell after all!)
Personality: Very Perverse and outgoing. Despite his racial qualities, he is a very caring person when you see past the horny(XD couldn't think of a different word!) attitude. Fun to be around and extremely bold, he does make a pretty good friend.
Likes: Women, Food, cooking, and fighting
Dislikes: cold, ice, the current hellian queen, his job
Clothes: Usually his Hellian uniform, but when he has off he dresses more elaborately(well at least more stylish)
Background: For reasons unknown, he made a contract with the Hellian queen, He is to live a life of Chastity for 50 years. He must also serve her in any way he can.
Anything else: His least favorite job the Queen has him do is sew shut the lips of her prisoners, just as was done to her.(The queen's lips were sewn shut beyond repair long before anyone can remember, she never tells anyone why)

Name: Adalia (Hellian Queen)
Age: Who the hell knows!
Birthday: 10/31
Gender: Female
Species: Hellian Being(like a human, but not a demon)
Hair Colour: Platinum Blonde
Hair Length and Style: Poker straight, down to her ankles
Eye Colour: Light green
Skin Colour: Ivory
Personality: Soft-spoken, Introverted, child-like in many ways, wise, cruel when the time calls for cruelty, she's been down a hard road
Likes: not much, but hold on to this ratty and non-recognizable photograph
Dislikes: People in general, life, Hell, Sweet foods
Clothes: Any kind of long flowing dress, usually Greek
Background: Nobody remembers
Anything else: She has completely banned guns in hell, the penalty for carrying one is death