Naruto Uzamaki12's OC - Ryou

Name:Ryou Misaki


Birthday:May 10



Hair Color:White

Hair Length and Style:Short and spiky

Eye Color:Red

Skin Colour:light tan

Personality:Kinda cold when first meet but he'll open up if you get to know him,carefree,hot headed(short-tempered),Brave,kinda friendly

Likes:Fighting,close friends

Dislikes:things that people say and he doesnt understand

Clothes:Black shirt that shows his stomach(has some red in it,Black pants with pockets down the legs and some chains(chins are red),Boots that almost go to his knees(the bottom and top have red on them),Black arm bands that go almost to his shoulders,and a black buckle like choker around his neck

Background:he lives by himself

Anything else:N/A at the moment(ill say something if i want to change anything later)