YamiHita's OC - Yuki

Name: Yuki
Age: 16
Birthday: (Month and Day) 1/1
Gender: male
Species: (Human, demon, animal e.t.c) Human
Hair Colour: (if not hair, fur) white with a blue tent to it
Hair Length and Style: long pony tail, spiked around the tie
Eye Colour: cold icy blue
Skin Colour: (If you're not an animal)
Personality: cold, he rarely opens up, but if you can brake through the icy exterior he's really sweet
Likes: the cold
Dislikes: when it's really hot out
Clothes: like Minato's(from Naruto) hokage outfit, but the coat is different shads of light blue his pants are white, and his shurt is a darker blue
Background: born one minuet after the new year began he has always lived near ice. Most people didn't understand him and he was heart many times. That is why he became bitter and could be told he acts cold
Anything else: