kyouyarenge's OC - Zoey

Name: Zoey

Age: 16

Birthday: December 21

Gender: Female

Species: unknown (she thinks she's human)

Hair color: Black satin

Hair length and style: Shoulder length, spikey, with blangs that fall into her eye

Eye color: Green

Skin color: A bit tanner than normal, but her dark hair makes her look super pale

Personality: Kind, always determined. Got a confident aura to her, that can be misinterpretted for a slightly cocky one. She never gives up on her dreams. Slight ADHD, and rather naive, but very loyal to her family.

Likes: her friends, puppies, squirrels, birds, making new friends, winning her fights, Tsuki

Dislikes: people who give up, friends who trick her, people who take adavsntage of her naivity, losing, cats

Clothes: A bit of a showy top, kind of like a very open purple kimono, with a black smaller top underneath. A big black bow ties her kimono together at the waist. Skin tight black pants that can't be seen beneath the kimono top. Sometimes has a off center bow as a headband. Black, ninja like flats

Backround: raised by human parents, but she was adopted. They found her one day, and took her in and trained to fight for what she thought was right. They always seemed to keep some information from her. Like why she wasn't aloud out some nights, while other nights they were training out well past midnight. Her parents didn't want to let her go, but she ran away anyway. She still follows her parents curfew for those few nights (or tries to, at least). She's very loyal to them. Met her wolf cub Tsuki recently, and has been raising her.

Anything else: fights with a long black whip. Has a pet puppy named Tsuki, who is actually a black wolf cub, that follows her around. Has a strang tattoo just below her neck of a purple cresent moon.