The Prince

Ok, so the prince is an NPC, anyone can control him. But please don't make him act too far out of character

Name: Micheal
Age: 17
Birthday: August 21st
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Length and Style: Long-ish, he normally has it done into a ponytail
Eye Colour: Green
Skin Colour: Lightly tanned
Personality: He is very flirty, very. But he's not a womanizer. Kind, and kind of annoying. He can also be very childish at times
Likes: Girls, His teddy bear (it was the last thing his parents gave him before they died), magical creatures
Dislikes: Girls that ignore him when he flirts with them, bossy guys
Clothes: They varies evey day, but he'll only wear the most expensive and most finest fabrics
Background: His father died in a war when he was ten years old. His mother passed away only a year later, after being stricken with a sudden illness. The reason he's so flirty, is that he's looking for bride and a queen, because on his eighteenth birday, he'll be officially crowned king.
Anything else: Uhh... not that I can think of at the moment. He's known Lilith since he was little