XxXWinXGirlXxX's OC - Emiko

Name: Emiko
Age: Looks 17, but is in fact older by a few centuries
Birthday: November 22
Gender: Female
Species: Demon Shapeshifter (her power allows her to acquire the abilities of those she morphs into
Hair Color: In true form, blonde
Hair Length and Style: In true form, long, blonde hair that goes past elbows by an inch. It is layered to frame her face
Eye Colour: Piercing Blue
Skin Colour: Very tan
Personality: Can be very cold-hearted. Doesn't like to show emotion very much, and she isn't very good at making friends as she is immortal and all will eventually die. She doesn't like getting too attached. She is rather rash, but can also be very strategical.
Likes: Fighting. It is her release.
Dislikes: Weaknesses, emotions
Clothes: In original form, she wears a tight fitting clothes, but in other forms, she dresses as the person she is morphing into normally would.
Background: Emiko was born a princess years ago to valiant demons that everyone respected. Because her mother could not get pregnant again, she wanted to ensure her only child survived, so she set a curse on Emiko. Emiko could never die. So, Emiko slowly watched as all whom she cared for died, which is why her heart is so hard to break into. She has dealt with much heartache through the years, so she decided to dedicate her life to fighting. One of the strongest foes anyone can imagine.
Anything else: Her bark is actually worse than her bite.