My OC - Lilith

Name: Lilith/ Kira
Age: She wont tell (she's over a thousand years old though) She looks about 10 years old
Birthday: July 14th
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy (buy not one of those little tinkerbell fairies - she's human sized)
Hair Colour: Light blue
Hair Length and Style: Short, and shaggy
Eye Colour: Gold
Skin Colour: very pale
Personality: Split personality. Most of the time she's very quirky, and loves to make friends. She has a kind heart, and would even help an enemy if they needed it. Though there are times when she's mean, lazy, uncaring, and - for lack of a better word - a total bitch (when her personality changes, which isn't very ofetn, her name is Kira (lolz, Kira!))
Likes: Flowers, animals, nature
Dislikes: death, evil
Clothes: A short blue, sleveless dress. The pattern makes it look like a flower
Background: Will be revealed later
Anything else: She can fly! Micheal always asks her to marry him, of course, she refuses everytime.