In the future the world has been ravaged by war and corruption. The military has developed a weapon known as a Sky Fighter. They are planes that are also weapons of mass destruction. Only the extremely talented can fly these demons of the clouds. The governments have used the Fighter Pilots to start the "Great Wing War" which will leave one country an unchallenged superpower. The young Watari dreams of being a Fighter Pilot and he gets his chance when he discovers an unmanned plane and takes off into the skies. Watari and his fighter plane, Raven, will go down in history and one of the few to master gravity or go down in flames trying.

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When you want to Fly


Absolute Zero
Watch the Sky. They're up there. When I think of them up there I feel...envy. How come they get to fly? The kings of the Skies, the Fighter Pilots. This world is one torn by war and corruption. The cause of this degeneration of society, the Fighter Pilots. They control special planes that can be classified as weapons of mass destruction. The governments use the pilots as their personal attack dogs. However I believe that a weapon of mass destruction can be used to save lives and take down the government. Anyone can grow wings, but not everyone can fly. Me, I'll fly that sky and I'll end the "Great Wing War".