A world where I will post the icons, graphics, and banners I make. If you would like to use them, feel free. Although asking permission and crediting me would be very nice. I also take requests, so feel free to drop me a comment asking for what you would enjoy.

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Mixed Set [Gorillaz - SuperMario] 15

After an extended absence because of illness, I return with a set of icons.
Including SuperMario concept art, and Noodle from Gorillaz. These were made as a special request of my roommate. OPEN for PUBLIC USE.


[Secret Santa Icons - ChibiSasuke]

Merry Christmas ChibiSasuke- I am your Secret Santa.

I really liked working with your wish list, especially Castiel, and some of the Dramatical-Murderer characters. Hipster Tumblr Sasuke [icon 12] is another one of my favorites. I didn't know much about any of the series you requested except Tiger and Bunny, so I was just out to make the cleanest, most high quality icons I could. I hope you like bright colors. *laughs* I tried to stalk your gallery for ideas of what styles you liked. I decided to do only one text icon because I'm not sure of your taste in music, or anything like that. I hope you like them, and once again, happy holidays.


Tell me if I need to remake them.♥

Request Bundle [12]

The request bundle from the request post. Icons 1,11, and 13 are for Jenny. Icons 4,5 and 6 are for Hello Katty. Icons 2,7 and 8 are for ItachiSasuke. Lastly, icons 3,10 and 12 are for Amiisyuu. (I really like the MALE!Orihime)
IMPORTANT: To yumei hearts u, your icons will be up soon. I don't like to group photos and anime images. *laughs* Makes the set look awkward.


Flaws, Sins, and Basketball [A KnB theme study]

Every member of the generation of miracles have their own issues. They almost seem to be like the deadly sins, but not exactly. When I was using these images, that's all I could think about. I wanted to make a set that kind of points out the flaws of "The Miracles." Tell me what you think.
All open for public use!

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Bakuman Theme Study [20]

My Bakuman theme study set, the three geniuses. All with problems of their own. *laughs* Tell me what you think. Open for public use.

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