My mind is a huge thing it needs to burst out and engulf the world like a light blanket with the ideas that are itching to spread through the air and water!

Do u love this!!!

OMG do u love this song coz im hooked madly!!!

1st Manga your all invited!

So i thought it time to lay off the bad looking fan art and start my first manga and your all invited but for me to put you in it you have got to show me a picture of youself ( Probably better as an anime maga character) and a note of your favourtie pokemon, then each person in it will have a whole page dedicated to them selves which ties in with the whole script ? which im not telling ? MUHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA sorry about that lol good luck and get them in as soon as possible. Either draw a new picture of yourself or just direct me to a picture you may have already drawn+ any special features you want your pokemon to have e.g- shiny battle scars hankercheif... Bye bye

By the way

Just to tell you the groudon/kyogre fan art I did yesterday heres the sprite I made before hand

Hey everyone

Hello everyone welcome to my mind- yea that might sound like I've lost my mind but I haven't honest! Long before I post any of my fan art I will give you my inside knowledge on what I shall be doing to make sure you have the best insight in to mind as possibly possible