the introduction to the classes

now before i get started on this first off i want to say that these titles "animals" are not ranked according to top predator and so forth. they are just based on predators that first came to mind.

dragon (1st commander) - basically is in charge of the flashpoint mercenary rp. makes missions, gives promotions, and not only dispatches orders but also assigns teams to certain tasks. is also responsable for keeping track of all records relating to any flashpoint rp as well as making sure that they dont come to a dead stop.

shark (2nd commander) - has similiar responsabilities as the dragon general. is mainly in charge of leading the team on missions when the dragon is unable to. also is now able to post up mission quests of thier own for the team to sign up for. has the ability to recruit new members and promote ( all the way up to tiger) current members. the shark is also going to be the "helping hand" of the dragon when it comes to mission tactics, briefing and battle strategy.

tiger (1st general) - officially has the ability to recruit new members and choose teams for missions but cannot promote members. can also post up missions upon approval by shark and dragon generals. all three generals have the position to create the flashpoint room at any given time but the one that does is in charge of recording the results of the rps.

wolf (2nd general) - this class gives you the chance to participate with the meetings of the war and mission coincils along with the other members. they will be able to put thier opinions into the strategy as well. in the council all participant voices will be heard.

falcon (mercenary) - needles to say this is the starting rank of most memebers and new members of the flashpoint crew. note it is not a "rookie" status so much as it just means that participation frequency is low. if you wish to get promoted then simply sign up for more missions and try to keep posting occassionaly on the board. remember; ANYONE can post up missions at any point so long as it is ran by either the dragon or shark commander.