double sided coin (done)

log in: koba hatane

mission status: complete

units dispatched: will,angie,kee,milo,koba, jun sensei,

details: kee milo and i had confronted tenkai first about the mission. right off the bat something was off about him, the way he talked and presented himself. milo was able to sniff something evil about him and we had a feeling he was lying. so kee had read his mind. inside she found that ranmaru was leading a pack of monsters created from humans and lefd them in a march agaisnt tenkai, who had stood in fron of a large dark castle at the time and claimed to be protecting his master from harm. the gates had opened up and only a glimpse of the leader was seen before the vision was cut. even though he was telling the truth we felt he was only telling what he wanted us to hear. so we sent motoko and usagi to investigate ranmaru to confirm our suspicions. ranmarus side of the story was that tenkai was indeed the traitor amoungst them and all he was trying to do was protect the master that commanded them both. however tenkai had gotten to him first and as a result ranmarus forces were defeated. ranmaru currenntly resides within a field of blossom trees. it is beleived that he doesnt leave cuz he cannot leave. like he is trapped there. if my assumptions are correct it was his master that punished him by sealing him there in that field. after our brief talk tenkai we determined that ranmaru was telling the truth. and to verify it kee milo and i joined usagi and motoko to have her read his mind. indeed what she saw links up with what tenkai told us but what tenkai left out was his plot of conspiracy. (it was around this point milo had to log off). motoko,usagi,kee and i went to confront tenkai for the last time in a dead desert area. it was a barren wasteland void of any plant life. there we found and fought tenkai. the fight was difficult cuz we knew nothing of his powers. (somewhere in the middle motoko had to log out as well). in the end tenkai had eluded us and i ended up being hit with a petrification curse that turned me into a stone cold killer (sry had to say it) and had almost gotten usagi petrified as well. it was only thanks to the chancing encounter with agent reaper and her potions that the curses were broken and we were both freed. afterwards we parted ways with reaper and traveled once more to see ranmaru to see if we could pry any more information from him. it was then when we found he was trapped where he was and couldnt help even if he wanted to. after our visit with him we inlisted the help of jun sensei who joined us once more to the wastelands where tenkai dwelled. as if waiting for us he had appeared without hesitation and fought us. it was a close battle with all of us barely being able to avoid being turned to stone.once will and jun had tenkai stunned i had managed to get a grip on him well enough to use a secret technique and bring an end to the battle. he is still alive however. but jun had decided to take him into the villages custody and interrigate any information he could out of him before placing him in confinment. finally we met up with ranmaru and collected our payment and left.

payment collected: money.

personal comments: one thing still troubles me. ranmaru was the one to lead the monsters to battle. does that mean he is the one behind all these cities being taken over by creatures? and if so what is his intent to do with them? and further more both tenkai and ranmaru spoke of serving a very powerful master. but they refused to give any details as to who he is or where he was. ranmaru hinted that he may be dead but yet we could sense that the loyalty from the two made it feel like he was still alive. so many questions and not enough answers. i fear what may lay in store for us in the future...

- koba