assignment (code: oda) recap

log update...

code: oda

we still have one creature that we managed to detain from one of our scouting trips to an area that has become a "danger zone". so far nothing new has been discovered about them aside from the fact that whatever changed the townspeople into this beasts is not a viral attack, airborne or otherwise. we launched an investigation to find out what exactly it is thats making such radical changes. ive logged all the cities that have been marked as danger zones. so far there are 20 major cities each with high populations that have been hit and this leaves five remaining. upon closer inspection it has been discovered that there is indeed a pattern to the attacks in this region. and also an explaination as to why these massive numbers have not gone offensive yet.there is a total of 25 major cities within our region and out of them only 5 remain untouched. how they are being changed is yet to be understood but we know that a sinister mind plays a great role in this matter. his name nobunaga oda. looking at the layout of the region it seems all the cities were attacked at random. but if one were to take the oda's crest and place it over the city.

External Image each city that was attacked (if placed in order) resided within one of the petals. there are five cities in each petal which means that only one petal remains. upon learning this nin and i had went to personally investigate two of them to see if there were any suspicious characters goign in or out the city. then thats when a very large and extremly thick fog rolled in engulfing two of the cities. we both tried to clear it out but it didnt work. assuming that it was something in the air of the fdog i put on an armored suit and went just within the city borders to try and investigate. however it was too late to save the citezens for all that could be heard was the screeches and howls of the monsters that now lurk within the foggy cities. and then that is when artemis (a spirit being sent by kee) had arrived. i was about to head out when suddenly my body started changing on its own. it started at my hand. flesh and bones mashing and grinding painfully together, nerves and muscle being torn apart and reattatched and slowly my body started to change into one of them. artemis managed to get me out of the city where the process had stopped assumingly due to being outside its effective range. the process had worked its way halfway across my body within minutes. probably wouldve been seconds if i were a normal person. to make sure the effects didnt effect my mentality and to make sure i didnt put any of my comrades in danger i locked my mind away and feel unconcious. suki and nin had regrouped and joined up with artemis and i at the edge of the city.

it is not quite sure what it is that changes the people but we can now rule out any means of viral spreading and can say that its effective range is the city limits. for the moment i will be of no help so it is up to those that remain to try and figure out what happened within that fog and how to stop it before it hits the last remaining cities. only 3 remain now and the last "petal" is about to be claimed. theres no telling what will happen when the last city falls but i can only guess that it will be the beginning of a nightmare...

i wish you luck team. stay alert and be ware of the fog. for it not only civies that can be effected by it.