assignment update

well needless to say i debriefed everyone before we were sent out on our seperate missions. will, lila and i stayed at the base to analyze the data we had while nin went out to the marketing town next to a nearby city that was hit. there he met up with kazou and suki and went to the nieboring area to capture one of the creatures that lurked there alive. meanwhile lila will and i found out that the victems that were visited by these "visions" were already marked for the strange transformation. however it was the vision that was the trigger. in the vision however we found the man was nobunaga oda. a warlord from some time ago that attempted to scortch the land in a sea of flames and rebuild it in his own image from the ashes that remained. however several armies from different villages banded together along with kazou to lead the attack against him and put a stop to his reign.a ful 3/5 of the collective armies had been killed by his forces and nearly all were mortally wounded before oda had been pulled into a tactical trap planned by the forces and sealed away. after some years passed, however he threatens to destroy the seal that binds him and as he grows stronger the army of creatures grow in numbers. we assume that he will use them as a sort of frontal attacking force to further gain control before he even gets free. people that have seen the vision of oda standing before then had something inside them triggered that made them change. so we had to dive deeper and find out what actually planted the "seed" in all these people. who or what is causing them to become marked victems? we had these questions going through our head as meanwhile kazou nin and suki had thier hands full with a city of beasts attacking them with no end in sight. finally nin created an opening using his flames and him and suki managed to load up one of the beasts they captured alive while kaou covered thier trails by completly crushing the whole city. a feat he had to accomplish with the assistance of his zanpakuto kanadzuchi. together they killed their pursuers and after taking a breather he rejoined us all back at the HQ where suki,nin,will, and i were awaiting his return. although he put a dent in the forces undoubtedly i remain certain that we only scratched the surface. and after putting the captive monster into a containment unit we are fast at work in analyzing the cuase of this change and working on an antidote to reverse the effects. it will be gruelling and long. but i beleive that we will come out on top. (lila had to leave at that time). after a more detailed scan of the footage came through we went to see if we could find what the victem was looking at the moment they were infected by whatever hit them. and to my suprise it was someone that i didnt even know or recognize at all. as it stands now we are stumped as to who it could be. but im sure that with some more work we will find out who that person is. cuz it certainly wasnt oda. but it is someone tied to him. that much im sure of.

next time on the flashpoint saga: out team will make a interesting discovery about our mystery person going around planting all these "seeds" in people for later activation. also we beleive that we may have stumbled upon a cure. but its just a theory. we will have to test it out on our captive to be sure. granted we get the chance of course.......

see you next time team. DISMISSED

- koba