welcome one and all to flashpoint HQ. this is the base of operations for those mercenaries who wish to test thier skill and wits against the tasking jobs the world has to offer. our jobs will vary from simple rescue missions near home to interplanetary negatiations. i will be doing my best to keep this world as updated as possable for people to see what we are doing and a summary of how each assignment is going. granted im able to i may also post the status of our team such as the vehicles we will be using and the positions of each member.

good luck team!


hey team, decided to try something a little different. i had this idea that i thought would be pretty interesting and if i can get a few volunteers to put this rp through a trial run so i can better understand any holes i have in it thatd be great. its an option of course. and it would most likely take place after the final part is completed of the flashpoint rp. however it wont fully follow the storyline and it gives you the chance to be good bad neutral ontop of creating a new person entirely. for now im going to have the limit of character creation be one until i get a better grasp of what all needs to be fixed. if it goes well i may allow two. and for now the GM (game master thatd be me) is the one who will handle NPC interactions (meaning ill play the role of anyone that isnt "piloted" by a player and interacts with the player.) again this is subject to change depending on how things go. so here is the basic outline. talk to me anytime if you feel interested in volunteering in the test run.

NAME: bountyXhunter

you rp as either a bounty or a bounty hunter. as a bounty hunter you can achieve rewards for stealing, killing certain targets, and other infamy jobs that will grant you access to aquire more powers, gear, money, higher bounty level, and when you get a high enough rank you can hire your own henchman and not only gain more henchman but also gain equipment for them as well as the chance to employ another high ranking bounty into your troops. as a hunter you gain a natural favor from the law and citezens are more willing to assist you in your mission to capture the bounties. like the bounty, your rank grows higher the more missions you do and you will gain rewards such as gear, power unlocks, money, but instead of employing henchman you gain favor of the military and with high enough rankings can utilize many of thier capabilities such as air strikes, ammo/armory supplies, helicopter escort/evacuations and so on. both classes have thier own benifits as well as some disadvantages. hunters have more restrictions due to laws against killing unarmed people or destroying buildings and bounties have a much lower chance of gaining any information by themselves as people naturally dont trust them and are also likely to rat them out to hunters. so choose which side to allign yourself with and watch your back.


BOUNTIES - bounty can rank of by doing any of the following; freeing prisoner (normally other bounties) stealing weapons/armor/vehicles/special items, killing marked targets, kidnapping marked targets for ransoms, hosting robberies, completing any task posted on BPB (bounty Post Board).

HUNTERS - a hunter can rank up by doing any of the following; capturing/defeating a bounty, rescuing hostages, doing item recovery tasks given by locals, protecting marked targets, completing any task posted on the HPB (hunters Post Board).

new RP is ready for trial run.

as i mentioned before if this new one goes well it can be incorporated into the current one or possably replace it entirely. ive already posted its description and now i will post the next parts of it. first will be guidelines and the second is a list of available powers to choose from. if you wish to add something unlisted let me know and we will talk about it further. and finally the last will just list some perks that come from attaining certain levels and esplaining them more clearly. (dont worry ill make it as short as possable)

oda mission update 3

mission update. nin has regrouped with reina's team and used combined efforts to take down thier opponent who although had the ability to manipulate time, seemed a little unexperienced and was defeated. afterwards draigo went and destroyed another altar. thats two down. and 23 to go with one missing. meanwhile zerk and i remain in a deadlocked battle of endurance as nin and the others return. with this situation growing more unstable by the moment how will we be able to stop his plans in time?

- koba

attention all crew

it has come to attention that although theres alot of people listed on the roster not many are actually showing up at all or asking about rp's and such. now i can understand that many of you have your reasons as to why such as school or work oor for some possably both and i dont hold that against you at all.but it is important that i get a reply about this from as many of you as possable so that i know where people stand as far as being part of the team. it doesnt matter if you send me a message or reply via comment or even in chat as i am on almost every night and check my msgs daily. for all all members of flashpoint i want to know if you are still willing to participate thats fine but just remember i do need you to check in with me atleast 3 times a week. doesnt matter what days or at what time. i just want to know if your still interested. if not then let me know so that i can start "cleaning up" so to speak.

that is all


oda mission update 2

picking up where we left off from nin and i re-engaged zerk at the castle once more.aiming for different striking points nin moved to destroy the whole castle to see what happens. i would have to agree with this approach as it could have destroyed zerka nd the altar in one blow. too much to hope for i guess becuase zerk had teleported the altar out of harms way. we have not discovered where to yet. but it couldnt have been sent too far. and as the castle fell zerk used its remains as stepping stones to climb his way up and knock us both out of the air. immediatly afterwards he struck nin with a meteor and struck me with the lightning from 200 thunderstorms. where on earth is he getting all this? none of these happened in our terrain. not recently. and from what we could tell he could only teleport things he touches. so how is it that he managed tog et his hands on a meteor and that many storms??? at a lack for a beter plan nin brought forth four small black holes aimed at his arms to keep him in place while i launched an attack from my herculese cannon. good teamwork but all for not. despite our efforts he still managed to reflect the blast back at us putting me at a critical state of missing my lower torso and nin sustaining heavy injuries as well. during our brief moment nin forced a healing bean on me and it kept me well enough to perform one last trick in my last ditch effort. meanwhile nin was sent to go find reina and draigo and to bring them over to us for assistance.

immediatly after he left zerk had found me. and unable to properly move i was at his mercy...for the most part. time to see if my last plan could really work. if not this could be the end of me.