Hello, it's me again.

Rather be empty in all of my mind, I see

Wow. Two posts within a month after returning to theO.

I will try to make them more relevant to anime from time to time. I don't watch it as often as I used to but am somewhat surprised and glad to know my nieces can now give me long lists of recommended anime. My brothers used to give me such a hard time for enjoying anime growing up and now all their daughters are consumed by the plotlines of their favourites along with the music. I don't think you quite realize the effect you have on your kiddos until you hear them sing back the end credit songs of their favourite anime in proper Japanese!

Currently I'm watching "My Love Story" because it's cutesy and "My Hero Academia." The latter however I watch very sporadically when my nephew comes to visit as he enjoys the anime. Has anyone started watching the new series "Yashahime?"

I watch that one with my husband and although the storyline is starting off a bit confusing with the three companions, I am enjoying it! What are your favourite new anime you've watched so far?

I'm sure I won't get much a response on here but it's fun to be back even if it is a short while.

First Love

It feels strange and not to be back again on the website I spent so many years on as a teen. I am over 30 now and I feel like a lot has changed and yet nothing has. I am nostalgic about it. I miss all my old followers and the blogs I helped run. Now most of those people are gone from here too.

Maybe it was silly to come back. I guess I just missed feeling so carefree. I missed spewing my feelings on here.