from my past

I don't know if you realize how precious you are to me, you mean the world to me. The precious memories we made are held dear to me. Takeo I love you and I can feel your pain. I know you're stressed out and I want to help you, before you hurt yourself. I can't say this enough but you are the most precious person to me and mo matter what I will always be with you. I don't want to see you hurt like you are. I want you to be happy, like how you made me smile. I still carry those hopes you gave me in this life and nothing can ever erase them. I know you just want to be friends on here but please hear my plea. Stop hurting yourself like how you are, I can help you if you trust me. Your life is more precious then my own. I would lay my life on the line to let you live on. Please don't hurt yourself by drinking or smoking again...I worry about you more then you think.