hey welcome to gundam
i hope u like the world here
im working on it now it now and its time i add some storys to it too!
Name firezero
Level: Class S
• 1987-04-08
• Male
• wind city
Real Name
• Sakamoto Taiki
Knight Dragon Master and fly theZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam ,the Gundam RX-78,wingzero
AGE 22
H 5'11
w 165
eyes green
now i have the Brotherhood sword
This world is for my ideas and thinking too hope u love it

hello and thank you

thank you to all for the bday wishes and everything and sorry this is little late

the time dojo will be be show down for good

i do not have any students anymore and the dojo will be gone for good and i will no train or teach anyone how to fight or anything

the time dojo

the time dojo is not just a dojo for training but for growing and learning about how to rp and learn how to grow too and some people have forgot about the lessons from this dojo and what this dojo means to more ppl who call it home and the dojo is home too and in which we call it home too

sorry today is not my bday

sorry today is not my bday and sorry i do not what is worry my bday is on the 8th of april

time and ideas

does ideas make time or does time make ideas which is it ????