First kiss

First Kiss

Kagome had always pictured her first kiss to be perfect. As a young girl, she would lay in her bed at night and imagine how that day would be. How magical and breathtaking the star encrusted sky filled with fireflies and sweet moonlight would look from within the arms of her love. She pictured how she would feel as he leaned in to take her lips in his. How the electrifying excitement would make her lips and fingertips tingle with anticipation and desire. She imagined her heart racing and her pulse soaring till it sounded like thunder in her ears.

She dreamed about her suitor. He would be prince charming in the flesh ridding in on his grand white horse or at least driving a mustang. He would woo her with roses, chocolates, and long summer walks. He would be loving, handsome, and courteous and when her lips touched his fireworks would fly, angels would sing and the whole world would stop to wonder at the fulfillment of her happy ever after.

Yes, Kagome had had her first kiss all planed out, yet here she was holding the one she loved as the world tumbled down around her. Her heart was racing with not love and excitement but fear and worry. There was no roses or flowers. Instead, there was a demon with long black hair and a magical pink robe who was bent on their destruction. The night was neither clear nor calm and they were one hundred years from the nearest vehicle. Roses, chocolates, and fireflies were the farthest things from Kagome’s mind. Happy ever after seemed so foreign when your greatest wish is just to live till tomorrow.

All Kagome had before her was a monster. A bloodthirsty monster drained of every once of the loyalty, kindness, and love that she adored by the simmering mirror in the demon’s hand. Still, Kagome did not hesitate to rush into the arms and throw herself around its neck. She did not pull away when its razor sharp claws dug into her tender skin causing warm blood to spill down her arms. Despite her fear for her friends, her family, and herself , she did not pause before declaring her love and begging him to come back. Kagome did not stop to morn the lose of her dreams, because if there was one thing she knew it was that she was no princess. She was not going to wait for the summer nights and fireflies to provide her with a perfect prince for a perfect kiss. You need to make your own magic and if magic can turn a frog into a prince then the magic of her love, his love, could move mountains. Kagome stared into the glistening red eyes of the monster in front of her, closed her eyes, pressed her soft lips against his sharp fangs and prayed for her prince charming to return.