50 Inuyasha stories in ten words or less

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. But man do I wish. I did I also don’t own star wars cover girl or any of the other objects mentioned in this fic. Don’t sue.

(A.N This story came from something I saw in a slideshow during one of the presentations my college was doing. They were five word stories. I, being curious, decided to see if I could write a few. I found out that I suck at it so I cheated and doubled the amount of words allowed. Thus this list. Some of these stories are longer then ten words I know and some of these are not stories as much as they are great one liners. But some of them do abide by the rules and are very fun. Read and tell me what you think. As an added bonus if you guys review and give me some of your own attempts, Ill post a second chapter with the best of them. That is if I get enough of them. Have fun and hope you enjoy. Review!!!)
50 Inuyasha Stories in less then ten words

1. Kiko died a painful death today. Kagome was thrilled.

2. Inuyasha was sleeping. Shippo yelled sit. Death followed shortly.

3. One hanyou, one girl, one box of chocolates. They did not work out.

4. One well, one girl, one demon. Destiny

5. Looking out upon the empty battle field, Inuyasha wept.

6. “Sit boy!” Thump

7. “half-breed.” the youth shouted leaving the small boy in tears

8. In a small cave, a boy huddles from the cold, dreaming of not being alone

9. “Pervert.” Slap

10. Kagome stares at the unconscious boy, “ All I said was vet.”

11. Swirling winds consumed everything, everything but her heartache.

12. One swimsuit, one monk, death shortly followed

13. Patients Name: Miroku diagnosis: Nymphomania Treatment: Jaken naked

14. One boy one girl one faithful arrow. A grand adventure begins.

15. “So how did you guys defeat Naraku?” “Giant Flyswatter”

16. Definition: Blindness-one monk one demon-slayer and one can of mace

17. Kilalla + peanut butter. Entertainment for the whole evening.

18. One day the well stopped working. That day two souls died.

19. One remark + One hanyou = one painful ride

20. Kagome stares at the unconscious boy, “ All I said was bath.”

21. “where is it!?” “Kagra?” Somewhere a hanyou holding a feather laughs.

22. One demon, One Fluff, One gay joke = One dead Jaken

23. Definition: Dominatrix-a demon with eye shadow, fluff, and a whip.

24. Kagome eyed the monks robes, Inuyasha’s Firerat and the shaking bush,
and decided she didn’t want to know (really long but to tempting to leave out lol)

25. Kiko stood weeping by the well as she realized she was forever alone.

26. A half-starved boy stares into the well, waiting for Kagome to return.

27. Inuyasha disappeared into hell. Kagome wept, knowing she was alone.

28. Inuyasha’s one thought holding his daughter. “I’m glad Kagome
missed.”(referring to when kagome arrow missed in 2 episode)

29. The sat hanyou had one thought. “Should have dropped her” (referring to before kagome arrow missed 2 episode)

30. Definition: death by electrocution: One monk one demon-slayer one tazer.

31. Definition: Downward-facing dog: Inuyasha sat from the tree.

32. Kagome eyed the wolfs armor, Inuyasha’s Firerat and the shaking bush, and decided she didn’t want to know (lol sorry could not resist.)

33. Kagome eyed the Sesshomaru robes, Inuyasha’s Firerat and the shaking bush, and threw up. (LMAO last one I promise)

34. Inuyasha eyed Kagome‘s uniform, sango’s outfit and the shaking bush, and passed out. (had to be fair to everyone)

35. Miroku eyed Kagome‘s uniform, sango’s outfit and the shaking bush, and dived right in. (ok that one was just for my amusement)

36. “And the winner of the Yoda look-alike contest is. . . Jaken!?” (that one is inspired by an e-card I saw on Otaku.com. Its hilarious

37. “And the new spokesman for cover girl is . . . Sesshomaru!?” (that ones all me lol)

38. A shaking silver-haired boy stands outside RA (ramen anonymous). (ok this is not a story but a plot bunny I am nursing. Help me feed the bunny)

39. Inuyasha stares at the homework as it floats way. “Sit boy.” thump

40. With his dying breath he says, “I love you kagome.”

41. “So how did you guys defeat the great Naraku?” “Bugspray”

42. Kagome stares at the unconscious boy, “ All I said was neuter.”

43. One little girl one resurrecting sword one cold heart thawed.

44. Inuyasha body lay on the grass, his eyes spinning, the rubric cube
still in his hands.

45. Inuyasha’s death: One stolen box of chocolates one pmsing girl

46. Miroku’s death: One dark room one roaming hand One fatal mistake

47. A bitter win: “Simon says sit Inuyasha” (this one was inspired by a
fic I read a long time ago. I don’t remember the name.)

48. Inuyasha grunted, lifting kagome. “Your getting heavy.” “Sit boy.”

49. Definition: Regret: Looking down on his brothers body, sesshomaru wept.

50. One demon slayer, one hot springs, one monk, chaos.