(image)Um hey eveyrone this is Yurahime and i wanna welcome you to one of my other worlds.I know it may be weird but soon i will have some chapters of a fanfiction soon,k? Bye

Lady Lightning.

Hey Lady Lightning,I made you a wallpaper.Hope you like it.

Finally reunited!

This is a pic I found on photobucket.com I plan to print it off and draw it soon.But for now I will just post it here and let you all see it.I would like to dedicate this post Shottayouth13.Please enjoy.

Final Fantasy?

Is there anyone online who would like to talk about Final Fantasy with me?

Lady Yuna.

Sorry,but I just love to make Yuna wallpapers.

Don't look into my eyes and tell me I am no monster.

Here is another wall I made.
Everyone enjoy.I made this one for Shottayouth13.Please enjoy.