Chapter Two

His face twists with anguish
His eyes fill with pain
A fire like black ice
Fills his heart
He falls back
There is no one to catch him

This is a side of him
That I've never seen
I want to help
But I am forced to sit
As heartbreak tears him apart

Help him
Catch him as he falls

I cry it out, but no one hears
No one moves
No one cares
There's no one around to move
Or to care

Why are we alone here?
Why isn't there anyone else to save him?

Tears stream down my face
My heart aches for him
Who could have done this
To a man I thought so strong?
Who could have broken him
This badly?

His lips move slowly
A harsh whisper is his voice
And it's my own name that I hear
He says it over and over
Between strangled
Barely controlled sobs
As he lies on the lush spring grass