Cavallone e Cavallina

Before I get started, I want to explain why I chose to make Dino the starring host in this. Well.. >//< not only is he my boyfriend...but he's a really good host who cares deeply for all of his fans and friends, which is one of the reasons why I like him so much. Plus...he's a blonde cutie<3 Or as some would say, "blonde beefcake"
Well...anyways! I got inspired to write this after Dino would not stop calling me cute...And said, "Everyone thinks so"...So I asked who this everyone was...and he said "...5,000 of my subordinates and their families...A photo of you was leaked."
And thus this fic was born. The two Omake's placed in there I wrote because I was re-reading Reborn while I was writing this...and could not get silly Tsuna out of my head. lol So...I hope you enjoy!

Chero had this weird feeling…She felt like she was being followed, but every time she turned to look…No one was there. It was also very weird…because any obstacles that she might encounter while walking vanished too. Puddles…red lights… She kept pondering this until she walked into Dino’s study, where he was filling out paperwork. He was looking a little stressed; Chero hoped that he was ok. He looked up when he saw her.

“Good morning, Amore,” he greeted.

Chero blushed. She still blushed when he called her that.

“Morning?” she questioned with a laugh, “It’s almost noon! That’s why I stopped by. I made you lunch.”

She held up a picnic basket for him to see.

“And if you’re not too busy…I was hoping we could eat together…”

Dino set down the paper that he had been looking at.

“I’d love to.”

Chero and Dino sat outside of the Cavallone manor eating their picnic. Chero blinked. The feeling of being watched was gone…Maybe whomever was watching her was scared of Dino?

“Are you alright?” he asked her.

Chero blinked.

“Ah! I’m fine. I was just thinking.”

“Va bene…if you are sure.”

Chero nodded.

“I am. How about you? You seemed very stressed when I walked in.”

Dino chuckled nervously.

“Everything is fine. There’s just so much paper work!”

Chero giggled.

“Well don’t over work yourself, ne?”

“I won’t.”

Chero took a bite of her dessert. Dino laughed.

“Waahhaat?” she asked.

“You have something on your cheek.”

Dino leaned over and kissed it off.


Chero’s face turned bright red. She whacked his arm playfully. He smiled and laughed.