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OtakuOni: Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Decision Chero heard the commotion in the kitchen. It couldn’t be…But it sure sound...

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OtakuOni: Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Magic Chero pushed her eyebrows together as she rolled over onto her side. She st...

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OtakuOni: Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Hope Author Note:So…there was this scene where Chero had a tearful moment ...

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OtakuOni Master Post

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 ...

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Through the Looking Glass PART 3 END

Jenny felt awkward. The two France’s....were...bonding? They were chatting animatedly in French and it was driving Jenny crazy! Mostly because her French was very limited. They laughed and Jenny wanted to hit her head on the table. He...

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