A tessaract is a rip or fold in time/space that can transport a being from one place to another instantaneously. A cave with multiple tessaracts that mostly lead to other places on Earth is the first part of the journey. Once all the characters are collected and together, the tessaracts will change to other worlds. Then each tessaract they go through will take them to a world which will most likely match the background at the time. Once there, they can't get back to Earth or the previous world until a new tessaract with that place forms.

World 1


Hey, guys?

Anyone willing to post? .n.

A fall and a find

~Danny~ "Dannyyy! Wake uup!" Lila moaned from the other side of his door. Danny sighed, he had been awake for a few hours already chatting with one of his friends on his laptop. "It's ten o'clock Lila, you really think I'm still asleep?" he...

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First post~ for lack of a better name~

*Damian* Damian kicked his feet up onto the big desk in the middle of the library. Smiling, he leaned back his chair with his hands resting behind his head. The library was his favourite place in the house, actually it was probably his favo...

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more info~

The name of the chat client is Chatsicle, as proposed by Kyan :3 Here's some info on it! :D Also, the first world they go into is repr...

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"Hopefully next week" huh *bangs head on table*

Ok. So. I said we'd be starting up soon in June, and it's July....
I'm really sorry ;n;

We're starting now!

-all the kids can communicate on a messaging client

For the intro posts it would be great to somehow include said messaging client, if you'd like to come up with a name for it or not :D and if your character starts a chat with one of the other characters in the post, you guys can continue in the comments, that would be pretty fun :3

--Everyone has guest poster status now~