Part 1

riiinng.(the school bell)-students arrive to their classes.

_Macalico: Hey every body, do you know your job(1400,cute,purple hair).

Crowd says hello

_Macalico: Marvin,Griffon,Sebastion,Demarco?

(all say here)

_Demarco: Griffon where is...

_Griffon: She went to go help the last minute students.

_Macalico: Good, Demarco you seem upset,Why?

_Demarco: Not trying to judge your opinon but why am i only working alone(14,slender,kind,epressive).

_Marvin: I can answer that she believes a mut Lycan like you who has both a vampire mom and werewolf dad can handle things yourself.

_Demarco: Marvin Ive heard enough next time you talk its going to hurt.

_Macalico: Both of you cut it out.

_Griffon: She is right after all Demarco's mom is your aunt that why you all are Princes and Princess.

{The final bell rings}

_Marvin: We better go but one more thing I don't consider you family so I have know mercy to give.

_Griffon: Shut up.

Macalico High: prologue

Macalico High, so there is this school of students that allows fiction creatures to grow smarter there it has 3 usual students in order rank lowest to biggest Vampire,Werewolf, and Dragon now Macalico is an 8th grader who is a princess she came with the idea to group everyone. the school has normal students and guardians to make sure no rivalries break out. Macalico picked these people the main characters.Vampires Sebastion male vampire guardian,Marvin vampire prince. Griffon male dragon guardian,Jade female dragon guardian.WWolf guardian Demarco prince of lycans(Vpire-Wolf fused) Macalico has a crush on him.Macalico lets Demarco work alone so he is not influenced. Girls and boys have split classes. So far thats the prologue.