6th(yes I know I'm late XP)

Name: Yumi
Gender: Female
Age: Not even 1 (only recently made)
Race: Yokai
Planet: Earth
Blood type: B
Height/Weight: Tall and slim
Hair style/color: Long black hair, tied in a ponytail
Eye color: clear (like a crystal)
Orientation: Straight
Personality: She doesn't really have a personality -_-' Loyal
Clothing (on daily bases): A red kimono
Weapon: A bow and arrow
Element: Fire
Past: Brought to life by Naraku, using the spiritual power of Kikyou's arrow (that Naraku had stored away)
Friends: Naraku
Enemies: anyone who opposses Naraku
Mate: None (she loves Naraku though)
Fighting style: Long range. She uses her bow and arrow (when she shoots, because her element is fire, she makes the arrow catch on fire)