2nd File

Name: Karin
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Race: Hanyo (priestess)
Planet: Earth
Blood type: O
Height/Weight: Not that tall. Pretty slim.
Hair style/color: Long silver hair. She refers not to tie it up
Eye color: Silver
Orientation: Straight (?)
Personality: She's really kind and helpful. But she'd also kind of shy around people she doesn't know very well
Clothing (on daily bases): Normal a fully white kimono with silver stars printed on it (they're hard to see)
Weapon: She has a holy sword (that belonged to her father) that she usually keeps hidden away. But she knows how to use it if she has too
Element: ...Not sure
Past: Her father was a priest, and her mother was a demon (Her mother was killed by slayers, and her father was killed while trying to stop them). The villagers took her in after that, not minnding that she was a half demon. She becomes human during the full moon
Friends: Ayumi and Kenichi
Enemies: Naraku and his incarnations
Mate: None at the moment (she likes Kenichi!)
Fighting style: She prefers not to fight. But if she is forced to fight, she'll usually use her claws, unless her opponent is too strong. Then she'll bring out the holy sword.