"You have been sheltered all of your life, but there will be a time when we wont be there for you. It is likely that instincts will not kick in and you will die. It is your choice; live the glory life here or die in reality."
- Professor Me

Here you are put into an unreal world where everything is different. Up is down and down is up. You each are what people call 'special', and are not used to reality.

You are one of 10 experiments, confined to a laboratory where its most likely that there will be a time when you go into a room and don't come out. You must escape and survive the new life you have.

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One goal.


Itachiweasle -1-Masamune Hito aka Twitch
Pokemon Professer-2-Shina aka Blond
3-Contact me for further info
MetalHead Soul -4- Acelynn aka Trix
xNotUnderstood-5-Salvatore aka Rocket
6-Contact me for further info
Alicie-7-Inaruna aka Glimpse
LuminousIceNinja-8- Koori Tsumetai aka Hot Head(Image)
Black Kiss-9-Maxie aka Cut
tifafenrir-10-Sophia aka Tiger Girl
ZelostheGreat-Professor Me, Victor Me

Contact me if you want to join or other info.

Twitch- Search

I looked around with a twisted grin on my face. "So.Hot.Yes...hehehe.", I said as I stumbled onto my feet. I saw Victor's dad walk up to us and I looked over at the new girl. "We need to find the others.", Victor said as his dad was freaking out. "Y-yes.Must.F-find.Others.", I chanted in a disturbingly creepy tone. "What's his problem?", the girl said as she back away a bit. "He's a...bit different.", the professor said as I walked forward toward the burning building. "Find.Others.Yes?", I said as I covered my body in white flames. "Fire.C-cannot.Hurt.Me.", I said as I entered the burning building. "G-go.Search.S-surroundings.", I said as I disappeared into the flame.

What?! No!


We went back for Twitch. It took the both of us to prop him up and help him out.
"How are you still awake?" I propped him up a little better.
"Too. Hot. On. Inside. Super-heated. It. Till. Melted." He laughed a rather odd laugh. Well that explains it. Honestly, they are lucky. They came power-packed and ready to kick butt. They can actually beat up anyone who stands in there way. As for me, I am just another person who finds nothing special about himself. We made it out of the slowly collapsing building safely, only to see that no one was outside. My dad came running up to me.
"Have you seen the Numbers?" My dad ran his hand through his hair, obviously very distressed.
"Nah, just these two. Why?"
"They're all gone!!!"


Victor It was cold in the "calm down" room. Mrs. Lux stabbed a needle full of a blueish fluid into Twitch, then he passed out. My guess is that it was some sort of tranquilizer. He passed out on the freezing ground, most likely to stay the ...

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I stared into my fire ball in my hands until I heard lots of people outside. Suddenly the angry lady with the strct face stomped into the room and hit me. "I told you not to do anything!", she yelled as Victor walked past. Several guards ran past with extinguishers. She continued to hit me with the police baton. "Hey.Fun.", I said as she hit me three more times. "WHY WON'T YOU PASS OUT!", she shouted annoyed. Suddenly, I felt a needle poke me and I blacked out, a wide grin spread across my face.

Several minutes later

I awoke in a metal room. The fire was out and the building was secure again...or the room I was in was secure anyway. Just a small metal room with covered in ice. "So.Cold.Burn.Must.", I sighed as I stood up and spun around. The door opened and the lady walked in with Victor. "Looks like you're up, sadly...you're a danger to this place and I'll have to get rid of you. "What...no hold on, let me talk to him first!?", Victor said. The lady sighed and nodded. She walked out of the room and Victor took a seat. "You.What.Do.You.Need.What.Do.You.Want.", I stuttered as I paced back and forth, my head hurting. I must have gotten a headache somehow.


Miss Shina was crying and I didn't really know what to do. She asked me If I was afraid and to be honest I was but I didn't show it, I did'nt want her screaming. This little sob fest was interupted as the guard came running in yelling Fire evacuate. All of us "prisoners" were moved to a spacey but caged field as the whitecoats tried to put out the fire.

But I don't think that is a good idea...