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Name: Faye Dyes
Birthday: December 25, 1873
Home Country: Enen

Date: September the 16th of 1894

○My name is Faye Dyes. I am 20 years old. I live in the country of Enen. In the Lafayette Manor I was born and raised. Lafayette Manor was built years and years ago by my Great Great Uncle, Lafayette. I have a brother, Saith Dyes, a sister, Millicent Dyes and a cousin, Saraphina Dyes.

○To the Dyes family I was born on Christmas Day 1873 In the country of Enen. My beautiful country is, of course, run by us, the Dyes, who happen to be distantly realated to the great English
Queen, Victoria. Our family symbol is The
"Shu Ku" or "The White Dragon" in your language.

○Now a bit about our beloved country...
Enen is a little island just to the NorthWest of Russia. It is a peaceful country filled with peaceful people. Loyal to the country and it's Crown. But the Crown...the Crown is dented and rusted, wore through be the many secrets of it's long dark history.....

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