This a a world devoted to mine and my friends favorite fictional characters. The rules for this world work the same as my fictional dream dates world.

You post your favorite character/characters from a piece of fictional work, anime, video game, manga, etc.

Same rules apply, state your favorite character/characters, state what work they are from, and a description of why they are your favorite, or just a general description about them in this world.

FYI Sam Fisher is my absolute favorite of all time,always has been, always will be ^_^.

I will most likely post mainly males in this world, since most of my favorite characters are female and in my other world both ^_^. I will be pitting characters against each other, the opinions will be my personal ones. If you do not agree feel free to leave a comment, but I ask you do not use curse words or I will erase your comment ^_^.

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Reaver- Fable II and III

Reaver is a terrible human being and the very definition of a sociopath, but he is just so great XDDD.

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For those of you who haven't played fable, which is the ones that bought a ps3 instead of an xbox 360 >w>. I will give a brief explanation of who Reaver is ^_^. Reaver was originally born in Oakvale(wraithmarsh in fable 2) and is well known in Albion (fable's planet) for being an excellent marksman. It is said that he would capture ships by shooting the captain from across the water no matter the distance or conditions. The more impossible the shot was, the faster the crew would surrender. Reaver is one of the 4 legendary heroes in fable 2, He is the hero of skill ^_^.

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He is blessed with eternal youth and often remarks on periods of time he has lived in. His immortality comes from a deal he made with the Shadow Judges in the Shadow Court. They sustained his youth at the cost of other peoples' through an annual ritual. Reaver's diary states that this deal also contributed to the destruction of his own hometown of Oakvale.

In Fable III, Reaver has returned from Samarkand. With the rise of the Industrial age and with loose laws regarding employee treatment, Reaver has found an outlet for his greedy nature. Under the rule of King Logan, Reaver has apparently been handed control of industry due to his profitable business tactics which include introducing child labor and cutting 100% of the employee's wages, making him one of Logan's most powerful allies. Reaver first appears when the player reaches Bowerstone Industrial where he quells a small strike from his workers by shooting their leader four times and explaining that any worker who rests longer than three seconds or whines or breaks any other rule he may make up in the future will be shot.

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During a masquerade ball Page and the Hero of Brightwall(your character) attempt to infiltrate Reaver's mansion during a ball to rescue several captured followers, only to find themselves in a trap. Reaver has them locked in an arena and sent into neighboring arenas to fight various enemies for the amusement of his guests, deciding on the enemy by using a device called the Wheel of Misfortune.

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After facing four rounds, the Wheel chooses Balverines(werewolf like beasts), at which point most of Reaver's guests are revealed to be Balverines in disguise and have some sort of bargain with Reaver which he announces, after they attack the Hero and Page, that they are "even". After killing the Balverines, Page attempts to shoot Reaver, who, with unnatural ease, deflects the bullet with his cane. Page then mentions that her companion is the Prince/Princess, in which Reaver says he will "look forward" to collaborating with the Hero, if he/she is successful in overthrowing his/her brother and begins to walk out. Page makes another attempt to kill him, only for her bullet to hit the door, as he makes his way out and escapes from Bowerstone. With his absence, Page and the Hero were allowed to rescue Kidd, the only survivor.

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After you become king of Albion, Reaver acts as an advocate for the more corrupt sides of decisions you make. However, should you choose the moral path and reject his proposal, he will begrudgingly agree with you, admitting that the path you have chosen may be a useful one. It is unknown whether he actually believes this or is merely agreeing with you due to your position of power. Whatever decision you make, Reaver takes part in it, meaning he likely profits financially either way. If you decide to help restore Albion to its former glory or not, Reaver shows the player the results of their choices as if he is narrating a commercial.

After the battle for Albion at the end of the game, Reaver leaves you a letter in the War Room. In this letter he states he enjoyed collaborating with the hero in the throne room in his/her trials and hopes he will host future trials. He then says he hopes you did well in the battle and that he would not like to come back to a dead city. He states that he had to leave for an important, but wearying, errand, saying perhaps he will explain it in better detail someday. Players of the second game will know that he is off to make his sacrifice to the Shadow Court.

Lord Admiral Galcian- Skies of Arcadia

My favorite villian ever is Lord Admiral Galcian from Skies of Arcadia. Glacian isn't like most villains, he wasn't turned evil, he was born that way. Glacian's ambitions never changed, he only understands one thing, power.

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Galcian believes in power, nothing else, in his eyes the only purpose for the weak is to serve the strong. Galcian respects power, In the game, 2nd Admiral Gregorio, tries to fend off Galcian while the main protagonists make an escape. It was a futile effort because, Galcian kills him. As Galican's men come to remove Gregorio's body Galcian tells them "take good care of his body; it's worth more than your life."

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There are only three admirals Galcian has any respect for what so ever, 2nd admiral Gregorio, 3rd admiral Vigoro, and 6th admiral Ramirez, also know as his former vice-captain. Ramirez is the only one he truly respect, treating him as a son. Galcian taught Ramirez the hardest lesson he ever had to learn, the people you trust the most will betray you. After Ramirez found out what Galcian said was the truth, Galcian told Ramirez that the only he wants is power and he will do anything to get it. Galcian seen no reason to lie about his intentions. The shock to Ramirez was so great, it inspired eternal loyalty to Galcian.

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Galcian commands respect all that oppose are crushed. Galcian raises a lost continent with a super weapon on it. To show the world he is not joking he uses the rains of destruction(a.k.a armageddon) on the country he was born in, he uses his own country's destruction as an example, to show all the other countries what will happen if they try and oppose him.

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The fact is determined to get what he wants and not let anyone stand in the way, makes me respect him. There is also the fact that he doesn't have to be pushed to become evil, like other villains, and also that he wants to rule the world instead of destroying it. Also if you prove yourself to be a worthy opponent, you will earn his respect, even if you don't defeat him.

The most predominant reason is because he reminds me of myself in combat, ruthless, clever, manipulative, and very efficient.