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Outfit Redraw: Hanazawa Teruki

Since I've been into decora lately, I tried drawing Teru from MP100 in a decora-themed outfit! :U DECORA'S SO HARD TO DRAW THO lshgalsgh too many accessories. I don't have the patience for this;;;

External Image

Clothing from various sources: [x] [x] [x]
Legging pattern: [x]
Stuffed-toy accessory inspiration: [x]

This came out more wild than I expected, but it was still fun to do. I always want to draw this pose btw... but it never comes out right........... even here it doesn't quite look right. "orz The legs are off or something.

BUT YEAH! This was fun to do. I kinda wanna do some lolita or fancier outfit redraws sometime for practice... not sure who to use as the model yet tho.

"Mature" Decora Outfit (??)

I made a new character!! I'll make a big ol' post about her later, but for now here's a pic of the outfit I designed for her. Her (stage?)name is Lemonlight, people call her Lemon.

External Image

Inspiration: [1] [2]

I was trying to go for a decora-feel when I designed her, but since I abandoned the bright/pastel-y colors usually typical of decora, idk if she really looks decora enough anymore... WHOOPS. She also needs ~more accessories~ to be true decora, but. I hate coming up with jewelry designs.... 2 DIFFICULT 2 DRAW TBH.

But yeah, here she is. :^) NOICE.

Outfit Redraw: Shou Suzuki

The outfit redraws continue. :^0

External Image

outfit from HERE

Shou from MP100. I only thought to draw this on him because he normally wears a bomber jacket, haha;; Not sure how I feel about the fact that I drew fishnets on a 13-year-old, though...................... forgive me...... :Y;;;; The person in the original outfit is only 16, so idk maybe I get a pass.

TBH...I really don't like the shoes in this outfit, hahahaha. /RUDE But!! idk drawing clothes is fun. :^)

Outfit Redraws: Reigen and Yurio

Like I said, I'm gonna start posting outfit redraws to this world to practice drawing clothes I'm not used to. *-*/ I did these two over the past couple days.

External Image
Original outfit: click
I was gonna draw this outfit on Stefan, but I decided to change it to Reigen from Mob Psycho 100, haha;;; I wanna try to draw more fan art. ;-;7
Tbh this outfit wasn't that hard and is actually similar to something I would come up with;;; BUT it was my first outfit redraw, it's okay that it wasn't challenging. -u-/ I kind of totally defeated the trench coat silhouette with this pose tho, whoops;;;

External Image
Original outfit: click
I thought this outfit would look cool on Yurio from Yuri!!! On Ice. :^) I'm super not used to drawing baggy clothes, tho... it's weird not being able to see any of the body shape underneath loose-fitting clothes, haha;;; The fishnet + sock combo here was fun, too. :^)

Anyway, that's what I've got. YEAH.

Fluffy Outfit

As usual, the titles I give my outfits make no sense.

External Image

I based the skirt off of the skirt in the first picture here, and this jacket made me want to draw a fur jacket. TOO BAD FUR IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO DRAW!!! :^);;; I mostly just liked the waist of the skirt in that first link, so I wanted to try to make an outfit with something similar. SO! HERE WE ARE.

Idk what else to say about this... except that I have a habit of always using Lafayette as my model for clothing. "orz I need to make outfits for my other OCs too;;;