I'm think I'm going to use this to post stories but that could change. I'm known for changing things a lot. You can ask my brother (Nacht):D


Still working on it (what else is new?). Having trouble coming up with the design of one character and can't move on till I do

The moon was full. Good. She wouldn’t have to use her flashlight until she got into the woods. She opened her window carefully, she’d done this a million times before but she always worried that she’d get caught.
She grabbed a tree branch climbing onto it. She sat there for a minute, she really loved this tree. It was the perfect climbing tree or the perfect sneak-out-of-the-house-at- 2:00Am tree. She sighed and climbed the rest of the way down, dropping to the grass she paused making sure no one woke up.
After a few minutes she stood up and started walking toward the woods. If she didn’t hurry she’d be late and he’d get mad at her again. And she definitely didn’t want him mad. This time.

My Service Dog/ Peanut Allergy

Top ten things I learned after getting my Peanut Detector Dog Stuie

1: I can’t stand fast food.

2: People smile a lot more when they see a service dog.

3: Sometimes people give you dirty looks for having a dog in a store, restaurant, ect.

4: I am the worst person to have help buy groceries

5:Bathroom doors are almost always contaminated

6: Little kids say “Mommy! There’s a DOGGY in here”!! a lot.

7: Oreos are usually safe to eat (thank God).

8: Milk chocolate Hershey bars are also usually safe (thank you God again)

9:People tell me about their dogs a lot.

10:My life is a lot easier. I can eat out. I can go shopping. I can be independent finally
because Stuie is with me and will always look out for me.

I’m not very good at writing stuff like this. I joined a website in January hoping that would help me write more. So far I’ve only posted 4 things since I joined.
First I’ll explain how Stuie works and then I’ll tell some of my favorite things about and favorite memories.

Stuie is trained to find 11 different allergens. I tell him to “Sit” and then “Find it”
If something isn’t safe or contaminated he sits and points at the object. When something is contaminated and he has shown me the un-safe item he gets his toy to play with for his reward. If he is having a hard time paying attention to what I’m saying, i..e the poor mother with the screaming toddler across the store, I pull out his toy and tell him “You want this? Yeah? Ok come on let go back to work”.
He doesn’t drool over food when we have him check nor will he try to eat it when he’s searching it.
Awesome dog.

About grocery shopping. As I said earlier I am the worst person to have help with it. Why?
Because I find too many things I want to try. The baking and pasta aisles are the worst.
I love pasta. Not just mac and cheese either. I love tortaloni, angel hair pasta with white sauce, stuffed manicotti …..and baking . I love to bake and have recently discovered that canned frosting is safe. I am in love with butter cream frosting.
So as you can see, shopping with me can be…..interesting.

My younger brother , Stuie and I were helping with the grocery shopping at Walmart today.
We left mom at the deli and went to pick up ice cream, juice and rice. And since Walmart is remodeling the entire store right now it took us a while since nothing is where it used to be. We had a lot of fun though. And since the remodeling won’t be complete until October the best thing to do we decided is to look at as a cross between an adventure and hide and seek. What else can we do? Besides since everything is in different places who know what I’ll find that we HAVE to try next.

One time at my counselors Stuie kept indicating a chair. Well my counselor cleaned it and cleaned it and cleaned it but he still kept indicating it. We removed the chair and replaced it with another but he still kept indicating. Counselor cleaned the wall, no good. Completely confused I was going over everything the trainers told me. Smell drops and he was indicating the floor when we moved the chair out of the way, we had cleaned the wall so the wall it wasn’t on the wall. Finally I suggested cleaning the painting that was right above the chair. Bingo.
The painting was contaminated.
We cleaned it and problem solved. So the Counselor had a safe painting and a couple of very clean chairs when we left.

Stuie does get bored when I’m in a bookstore. I have him check a shelf and ,providing its safe , stay in one small area for almost 30 minutes looking every book. Stuie will have given up on me by that time and gone to sleep figuring I’m going to stand there until the Apocalypse. That will usually be the point I decide to check out a new shelf and we repeat everything.

At the library the other day I had him check a couple shelves and the floor. Then I sat down and happily started looking through all the books. After about 20 minutes Stuie climbed in my lap and went to sleep. It wasn’t very comfy, he weighs 40-50 pounds, but he was comfy and I wasn’t done looking at books so I let him stay in my lap.
I’m sure people got a kick out of when they walked by us.

My mom works one day a week so my brother and I are home all day (fun!) Stuie has come to really enjoy it when we eat lunch. We sprawl out on the couch and watch Psych, eat lunch, and drink root beer floats. Stuie lays next to me or at my feet and watches Psych with us. Sometimes he lays his head on me knee and sighs like “this is the life”.
It really is nice and relaxing.

Suite’s exercise time is spent with him play with his hard plastic ball about the size of a soccer ball outside. He is obsessed with it!! To get you to throw it for him he nudges it over to you and your supposed to throw it. I usually back away from him because
a) when that ball hits you in the leg it hurts!!!!! and
b) he gets more of a workout if he has to chase after me to throw his ball.

So Stuie and I are having a lot of fun together. He’s a wonderful dog and so sweet!
He’s really helping me become independent which is really good because I want to go to Europe someday to study. And with Stuie I have a better chance at doing that without having to have someone with me.
I really don’t know what I’d do without Stuie now, he’s kinda my lifeline.

King Cyrano

Okay this is just some crazy spoof I wrote after reading the book Moonshine by Rob Thurman.
I wrote this when I was watching Psych. So you can blame it for the crazy-ness.

In 1543 Lord Cyrano Debunk III became King of the land of Ferdinand.
Lord Cyrano was loved and feared by everyone, including his brother Caliban

Caliban was a fun loving adventures youth. As well as being the youngest brother, Caliban was born of a different father and therefore was not able to become King.

Cyrano and Caliban were very close. Cyrano looked out for his little brother mostly because Caliban could be very reckless and often got into trouble.

But like all royalty Cyrano and Caliban each held a dark secret.

Cyrano’s father was a vampire, making Cyrano a half vampire. Being a half vampire
Cyrano had special powers. But those are a secret.

Caliban was a neo-ninja, trained in Kawai Japan. He was best at hand-to-hand combat and running.

Cyrano and Caliban had one common enemy; the evil tyrannical Robin of Goodfellows.

Goodfellow cared only about money, alcohol, and himself. He despised children and laughed at other people’s feeling. He was a human creature void of all emotions, except for greed. For Goodfellow wanted power, more precisely, he wanted the power the crown of Ferdinand would bring him.

There were many attempts to assassinate King Cyrano. But all who tried failed until eventually Goodfellow tried to kill King Cyrano himself. But alas, Goodfellow too was killed. You see when Goodfellow went to kill King Cyrano, Goodfellow was quiet drunk and therefore failed to realize neo-ninja Caliban was behind him.

We shan’t go into details on how Goodfellow was killed, mostly because no one knows. Oh there are plenty of stories but that doesn’t give us facts now does it?

In the next chapter we shall explore King Cyrano and Caliban’s plight with the beautiful deceitful witch Promise, who lied, seduced, and cast spells over innocent children.


Every mans dream.
And why not?
Never dying.
Never growing old.
Plenty of time to do whatever you want.
To have the career you want. The home and car you want.
You can pursue any type of degree in any educational field you wish.
Nothing would be impossible; after all you have all the time in the world.
Yes. All the time in the world.
All the time to watch all your loved ones die.
To live though all the wars.
To watch others suffer.
To hear the cries and screams of others as they lay to rest their loved ones, who perhaps died unfairly.
You begin to stop caring.
One hundred years for them feels like seconds to you.
After all, you have all the time in the world.
Yes. Immortality.
Who wouldn’t want it?

The Cavern

She closed her eyes trying not to panic. Okay she thought I just need to concentrate but on what? She opened her eyes and looked around the cavern, searching for anything that might jog her memory.
She walked over to the lake and peered in. The water was a beautiful deep blue green color. She stepped back suddenly, She could have sworn she something big swim by.
“It won’t hurt you”
She whirled around at first seeing no one and then the shadows on the cavern wall moved. Her eyes widened as a person stepped out of the shadows.