WELCOME!!!!! Normally I would write whatever pops out of my head, but I want to help people who aren't to good at writing. so If anybody has ideas that they want writen then send me some ideas and I'll see what I can do until then I'll see about putting some stuff up.

Conversation between a General and a 1st class SOLDIER

I know I'm getting off the He was like series a bit but I just got this idea to do this other thing that I'm putting up. This a series of conversations of random characters from games, mangas, and animes alike. So hope you all enjoy.oh and just in case you don't know who Seth is he's from the game Fire Emblem Sacred Stones.

Seth: Good afternoon Sephiroth.

Sephiroth: Good afternoon Seth. How are you?

Seth: I’m well. Yourself?

Sephiroth: I’m doing all right. I just wish my partner wouldn’t be so lazy.

Seth: Who was your partner again? Genesis right?

Sephiroth: Yup. You know, he was never THIS lazy in the past.

Seth: But lazy none the less.

Sephiroth: Yeah. I don’t mind him always reading Loveless and reciting it over and over. At least he did his work then.

Seth: Well I’d rather have your partner. I’m stuck with Innes.

Sephiroth: What’s so bad about Innes? He’s a great tactician isn’t he?

Seth: Yeah, but………he’s so arrogant. Not a little but a lot. It’s not that I don’t like him. It’s just his character.

Sephiroth: Well………hmmm. You want to switch partners?

Seth: ………Sure!

Sephiroth: Ok. Tomorrow we shall report back with each other to see how it went with our new partners. Got it?

Seth: You got it!

-End Part 1


As I sit in my room tyeping and waiting for my mom to come home, I find myself strangely bored. I've missed a day of school and are now officially missing todays school. Now here's a question for anyone or everybody. "Have you ever felt so miserable at home because you didn't get to go to school and see the man that you love and adore so dearly?" I wonder if my dear mother ever consider that when she told me Thursday night to stay home tomorrow. I love my mom alot to a point were I've never said "I hate you" or done anything to make her feel like she was a bad parent. But I love this man and the only time I get to see him is at school. What am I suppose to do when I feel this down and miserable? Oh yes, and one more down side to this is that I'm sick and I'm not feeling any better. This is a nice way to start my Spring Break vacation. Oh well.
Now in other great news. Thursday night UPS came to my door and handed me a package. I opened it.Guess what was inside. A Brand new Crisi Core Final Fantasy 7 Pay Arts Action Figure of Cloud Strife! It is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Today I'm supposed to get Zack so I'm very excited.

He was like...Part 4 - "Only One"

Finally found the rest of my "He was like.." stories. Though I'd never find them. Well here you go then. Enjoy reading them and hope you like it.

Genesis was like "Look I have an apple!"
and Sephiroth was like "Can I have some?"
and Angeal was like "What's going on?"
and Genesis was like "I have an apple."
and Sephiroth was like "And I want some."
and Angeal was like "Cool, can I have some?"
and Genesis was like "No, and No."
and Sephiroth was like "Why not?"
and Angeal was like "C'mon man."
and Genesis was like "It's been a while since I've Banora's apples."
and Sephiroth was like "I've always wanted a Banora apple."
and Angeal was like "You're not the only one who like apples"
and Genesis was like "I know that."
and Sephiroth was like "Please."
and Angeal was like "Please Genesis."
and Genesis was like "But I only have one."
and Sephiroth was like "Don't be stingie."
and Angeal was like "You can split the apple in threes."
and Genesis was like "I don't want to."
and Sephiroth was like "Fine!"
and Angeal was like "Lets go Sephiroth."

*One week later*

Genesis was like "Hey guys."
and Sephiroth was like "Guess what I got."
and Angeal was like "I got him an apple."
and Genesis was like "Can I have some?"
and Sephiroth was like "No."
and Angeal was like "He doesn't have enough to share."
and Genesis was like "Then how did you get an apple?"
and Sephiroth was like "I only had one."

He Was Like...Part 3-"Best Freinds"

So I was able to find at least one more. I know I have some more in my room somewere. This is about the time I wish I cleaned my room when I was told. Anyways, this one's pretty short and I will dedicated to all my new freinds and all my old freinds as well. Enjoy The next part of He Was Like...Part-3 "Best Freinds"

Angeal was like "Your my best freinds."
and Genesis was like "Your my best freind too."
and Sephiroth was like "I'm glad your my best freinds."
and Angeal was like "You're the best freinds a man could ask for.
and Genesis was like "Great thing you two are my best freinds."
and Sephiroth was like "You two are my only best freinds."
and Angeal was like "And we are happy to be your best freinds."
and Genesis was like "I will always be your best freind."
and Sephiroth was like "I'm happy to have best freinds like you."

He was like...Part 2-"What?"

Ok second installment of He was like. All of my little stories are scattered around my room so I've got to look for all of them. Oh boy that'll be fun....Anyways, so here is part 2 of He Was Like...

Genesis was like "Why is it so hot in the building?"
and Sephiroth was like "I dunno."
and Angeal was like "There is no electricty."
and Genesis was like "Why?"
and Sephiroth was like "There was a power outage."
and Angeal was like "How did you know that?"
and Genesis was like "Where did you get that information?"
and Sephiroth was like "The Internet."
and Angeal was like "There's no computer."
and Genesis was like "Yeah, there's no computer!"
and Sephiroth was like "Yes there is."
and Angeal was like "Where?"
and Genesis was like "Show us your INTERNET."
and Sephiroth was like "Right here!"
and Angeal was like "Why are you hugging me?"
and Genesis was like "Why are you hugging him...?"
and Sephiroth was like "He is my internet!"
and Angeal was like "That was lame Sephiroth."
and Genesis was like "Wait...What?"