Cruel, Cruel, World

Oh how joyous the morning
The day that I was born
And the world looked down upon me
In hatred and in scorn
I do not like this world
I do not like it one bit
And I feel really sorry for
Everyone inside of it
Oh, how cruel this world can be
Oh, how filled with hate!
But all this hatred had to have
Someone who would it create
How I wish for days of peace
How I wish for the world to end
Because there's not a single hand
Anyone would care to lend
How vile this cruel, cruel, world can be
With everyone having an enemy
And no one cares, but only me
How sad and cruel this world can be
But to this world was I born
This world so full of hate and scorn
And destinies that are forlorn
To all those whom to this world was born
So I guess I'll live in this cruel world
And try to enjoy myself while here
And ignore the very presence of
Hatred that is everywhere