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True True Love

True Love
Is more real than a dream
It cannot be seen
But it can be felt
It's not something you hold
It's not something you smell
It's true true love
A love that is the best kind of love
Is when you love someone
And then let them go,
And they come back to you
And that's how you know
That this is true true love!

Is This Love?

You're holding me in your arms now,
And kissing me so gently,
I don't know what to do,
So I kiss you back,
And then we let ourselves give in,
To sinful crimson sin,
Is it love that drives our need,
To be in eachothers arms?
Is it love that drives our need,
To kiss this passionately?
Is this love?
I think it is,
And I'm enjoying every last second of it!
I enjoy your hands around my waist,
And that soft look in your eyes,
Just before you kiss me,
I enjoy every little thing about you,
And I love you more and more,
Every day my love for you grows,
Until it overflows!

Smiling Gold

Silver and gold
Is the evening sun
White and pale
Is the moon
But the brightest thing
Ever on Earth
Is just one smile from you!

My Love

Red is the rose
White is the dove
My gift to you
Is my great love!

World of Solitude

Cold eyes watch me through your soul,
I look at your face and see a mask.
But I see that you're really in pain,
And I fear for your life.
You've hurt yourself many times,
I see the scars and the blood.
But still you smile behind your mask,
While your soul is frozen in despair.
Tortured every day with each breath you take,
Wishing that none of it was real.
You force yourself to believe it's a dream,
You kill reality with a wonder world.
You hide behind your books and your fantasies,
Creating a World of Solitude just for you.
But I want to join you,
I know how you feel, your true soul.
It reveals itself to me as if it's beckoning me in.
Wanting to share it's grief with someone,
But you keep your soul on a leash.
You'll never let me in, or close,
No matter how much I want to help.
No matter how much I want to be withyou.
You hide the one I love beneath your mask...