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Jack Skellington Was His Name

As I was walking one night in Halloween Town, the townspeople gathered in the center square. In all the excitement, I tried to see what was making them so happy. "It's the end of Halloween!" shouted one ghoulish cyclops to another. "...

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Breaking Ground

Down on my knees
I rip at my heart
my life blood I see
Drips on the hearth
Breaking Ground
under my feet
staring at
the demon in me
down on the ground
down on my knees
I'm Breaking Ground
to hell i will be
after my last and
final breath
Exits from within
I'm Breaking Ground...
Breaking Ground...

I like this poem that I wrote. I like it a lot. So here's my quesiton to y'all... DO YOU LIKE THIS POEM?


We all have issues in this world. We all need friends to love and share things with. And that's the problem with this world. Now a days, no one will hesitate to leave a person alone. If we see someone sitting alone at lunch, or someone who looks o...

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Here is a prayer,
Just for you,
That your Valentine’s Day
Be special and bright,
Sunny all day,
And give you comfort at night.
May love come your way,
And surround you with friends,
Because we’re here for you,
Until the very end,
But may our friendships,
Last longer than that,
For my friendship to you is eternal,
And you can test me on that,
Here’s to having a…
Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all enjoy this poem. You could send this to a friend if you want to. Or give this to someone special! No one should be alone on a Valentine's Day!


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