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I feel butterflies in my stomach
A hammering in my heart
Whenever we're together
And whenever we're apart
But one thing that's unique
Besides your eyes, your touch, your kiss,
Is your magnetic personality,
That keeps us close like this!

What Will You Be On Halloween Night?

What will you be on Halloween night?
A witch or a goblin or a ghost?
What will you be on Halloween night?
A ghoul who is ghoulier than most?
What will you be on Halloween night?
A monster who will fill me with distress?
What will you be?
NO, don't tell me...
Wait till Halloween and let me guess!

I Am Me!

We all have masks
But who are we really?
The apparent strong
Are really weak
The apparent weak
Are stronger than we know
So take off your mask
Who are you really?
I know what I am
And I show it every day
Without the mask
To hide behind

White Wings

White wings
of a dove
Spread out wide
This Precarious love
White wings
Angelic light
Fly away
With my delight!

Four Doors

Down the lonely halls, I wander, Afraid to stop, afraid to ponder, Four doors, at the end of the hallway loomed, Shouting my fate, I was to be doomed. Which door to enter, I moved on ahead, Which door to enter, would ...

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