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To take a life away
Could you live with the guilt?
Would you enjoy the kill?
Or would you live in guilt?
What would you do
If you didn't have a choice?
To kill or be killed,
Do you give your conscience a vioce?
To tell you what is right?
To tell you what to do?
If you got in a fight
Would you choose them or you?
Would you be able to take a life?
If given no other choice?
Would you commit a murder?
And not give your conscience a voice?
To tell you what is right,
To choose between them and you,
To not get if a fight,
That'll leave you with no choice to do...

Random poem I wrote

Some roses are red,
And some violets are blue,
Some poems are great,
But not this one!

Cliffs of Insanity

I'm standing on the edge,
I'm looking down below,
I'm going slowly insane,
And I don't know where to go.
Should I jump over the edge?
Or should I turn away?
Should I make the jump?
And never see another day?
No, I think not,
I think I'll walk away,
These cliffs of insanity,
Will not take my life away.
I might be in pain,
And I might be insane,
But these cliffs of insanity,
Will not steal my last days!

World of Solitude

Cold eyes watch me through your soul,
I look at your face and see a mask.
But I see that you're really in pain,
And I fear for your life.
You've hurt yourself many times,
I see the scars and the blood.
But still you smile behind your mask,
While your soul is frozen in despair.
Tortured every day with each breath you take,
Wishing that none of it was real.
You force yourself to believe it's a dream,
You kill reality with a wonder world.
You hide behind your books and your fantasies,
Creating a World of Solitude just for you.
But I want to join you,
I know how you feel, your true soul.
It reveals itself to me as if it's beckoning me in.
Wanting to share it's grief with someone,
But you keep your soul on a leash.
You'll never let me in, or close,
No matter how much I want to help.
No matter how much I want to be withyou.
You hide the one I love beneath your mask...


You were so alone
Depressed, but never showed,
I wish I could've had
That kind of control
I let my sadness show
And deep within your heart
You felt you should help
Lest I be torn apart
So we confessed to eachother
A big chance we did take
But our false love together
Turned out to be a mistake!