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Good Night

'Tis night and leaves do fall
Creeping critters crawl
Ladies fly with spotted wings
Bees fly around and sting
Spiders creep on their webs
Humming birds hum in their heads
Tunes and notes so serene
Like the beat of butterflies wings
And so the peaceful night goes by
And now it's time to say "good night!"

Whispering Winds

Whispers echo through the trees
Wind's soft vioce becons me come
Play in its soft yet cool embrace
Calling me from my home!

Smiling Gold

Silver and gold
Is the evening sun
White and pale
Is the moon
But the brightest thing
Ever on Earth
Is just one smile from you!

My Love

Red is the rose
White is the dove
My gift to you
Is my great love!

Fox Light

'Twas night when first I spied
Like glowing embers to my eye
With radiant hair like fire burning
Emeralds for eyes left me yearning
To know what this creature was
So graceful and elegant like a dove
It stole my heart with its pretense
Its bushy head poked through my fence
When what to my awe-struck eyes appeared
A beautiful fox was what I had feared!