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Trick and Kill Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Into The Woods

~One Month After~

In the Slender Mansion

Masky, Toby and Ben were watching TV, sitting on the comfortable but worn out sofa in their usual living room inside the Slender Mansion. Ben had the controller in his possession, after a fierce fight with the other two, with many broken bones and cuts and bruises. Still, their excitement over who would have the remote control was soon turned into utter boredom, as the TV had absolutely no interesting things to see. Ben was murmuring how this was a total waste of time and that he could be playing videogames. Masky was half asleep, his head leaning against the soft back of the sofa and Toby was complaining openly on how he could have found a better show. All teenagers were bored beyond belief.

Next to them, a few steps away, just in front of the window and sitting on his usual armchair, Jeff was looking out the window. His face had a huge smile as always but his mind was absent while he mindlessly played with his favorite knife, twisting it between his fingers. His gaze was lost between the dark trees that surrounded the outer space of the yard, that was now covered with a thick layer of snow. His mind was going back to his recent killing spree in a town nearby. Five victims were sliced in their sleep and the killer only left a message written in the victims' blood. Go to sleep. As he was remembering the kills, the blood that had stained the walls, the screams and pleads from the victims, he couldn't help but feel a strong euphoria go throughout his whole body. He wondered when the next killing spree would be, but Slenderman had ordered them not to do anything for the time being. This only pissed Jeff off.

But there was also someone else in the room.

Just beside the door, Eyeless Jack was leaning calmly against the wall, his hands crossed on his chest. He had just returned from his late night hunting spree and just needed some time to catch his breath. Under the blue mask, he was calmly watching the trio of the sofa talking to each other and changing the channels. Well, he didn't actually see but he was able to have sight through his mind. Ben settled for the News at that point and EJ thanked him mentally for choosing that, over the cooking show.

Then the reporter changed the subject and asked for the viewers to remove the children from the TVs. This only attracted the attention of all the five men in the room.

'I bet it's him again.' Ben exclaimed, making himself more comfortable on the sofa.

'Once again five more bodies were discovered early this morning on the streets of (your hometown). Among them there were two women, around the ages of 24 and 30. Just like the previous victims, they were found stabbed to death with fifty stabs each all around the torso area. The killer that has been roaming the town for at least a month now has left the same message behind, signing it with his name: Halloween.'

'Seems that you have a rival Jeffy.' Toby threw at Jeff mockingly.

'Shut the f*ck up Toby. And don't call me Jeffy.' Was the response Toby took, while the black-haired male was throwing menacing glances at the TV screen, as if the TV dared to challenge him.

'He's been out there for a month and no one has caught him. Maybe he's one of us?' EJ wondered to his fellow murder comrades.

'Eh, I don't think so.' Toby responded.

'If he is, I'm going to put him to sleep for f*cking daring to challenge me.' Jeff swung his knife.

'I am afraid that EJ is right children.' A haunting voice was heard and the owner of the house walked inside the living room. Almost immediately the temperature dropped a few degrees but none of the killers was able to notice.

'It appears that the killer going with the name Halloween might indeed be one of us. And for that reason, we must invite him here.' Slenderman announced.

'Are you f*cking with me? Don't you dare bring him here.' Jeff exclaimed loudly.

'We can't let him get caught if he's one of us.' Ben disagreed.

'Ben is right. We should bring him here and stop the mindless killings. Toby and EJ, I trust you to bring him here safe and sound.'

'Alright!' Toby yelled with excitement, while EJ only nodded in agreement. They were going to bring him in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The sun was setting in the distant horizon, throwing its last rays of weak light into the thick snow that had covered everything. In the last week it just hadn't stopped snowing, not even for a single second, diving everything in a breathtaking white sheet. The town of (your hometown) was all dressed in white, preparing slowly but steadily for the upcoming heavy winter and Christmas. People were going up and down the streets, making their way hastily between each other, waving rushed hello's to their familiar faces and rushing to get home before the sun set for good and darkness made its way to the once busy streets. Under any other circumstances, no need for rushing would be mandatory, but this time was different. Because this time a dangerous and bloodthirsty murderer was at loose inside the city, hunting down people without a particular problem and rampaging around the town. No man who walked after darkness was safe, so everyone had agreed silently to seize any form of moving during the late night hours. In just a month, more than fifty people were found brutally murdered; all murders started from the murder of a whole family and the disappearance of their older daughter. So people were more than reluctant to go out at night.

You threw a last gaze towards your town, as you took your first step into the dark forest. The light was enough gone to hide your figure quite fast inside the darkness of the trees. Your clothes were full of blood while you were wearing no shoes. You walked weakly inside the forest, proceeding wearily and with heavy steps. This last month was crazy. The bloodlust was so powerful that every time you saw a human, you had to have their blood on your hands. And you enjoyed it. You enjoyed it to the fullest, letting yourself be driven away by the madness and for the first time, you let yourself act however he liked.

But in the end, you were tired.

For the past month you had been killing non-stop, which was good and satisfying, but you hadn't slept for a single minute. Yes, your body had changed tremendously. You could now hear, see, smell and feel things in an 800 meters radius. Your stamina and sharpness were heightened into an unimaginable level and you were much stronger than before. No matter how much your body would be hurt, it always healed in a matter of seconds, growing to be even stronger than before. Still, some human things had remained. For example, you were freezing to death. You still had your Halloween costume on but had lost the shoes in the way and there was no chance for you to be able to steal a new and decent pair from anywhere. Secondly, you were starving. After you killed your victims, you had taken a few sips from their blood, but after a month, hunger had begun to creep inside your mind. And lastly, you were SO tired. Sleep wasn't necessary at first, but slowly and steadily, your body started to get tired more easily and deteriorated tremendously. Your last victim almost got away due to this thing.

So, despite your insatiable blood thirst, you had to find a way to replenish yourself.

The town where you roamed these past days, was now searched thoroughly by the police, searching from inch to inch in order to locate you. But there was only one place where no one went. The forest. This was your last chance. So, with your knives carefully tucked in your witch belt behind your back, you proceeded inside the forest.

The scenery was really breathtaking, even without your enhanced sight. The trees were stripped from their leaves and everything was covered in white snow, which only came in contrast with the black tree trunks. The light was slowly taken away from the beautiful forest and soon, darkness had prevailed. As your vision was not so affected by the complete absence of light, you continued down the narrow path, deeper and deeper into the forest. Everything around you seemed endless. There was simply no end to the trees and the snow, as far as the eye could see. Soon, the bright full moon appeared through the clouds, setting its eerie silver glow to the scenery in front of you, giving everything a light silver tint. You walked and walked and walked, trying to found either an abandoned storage, or a cave deep enough for you to hide in. you didn't know just for how long your body would last, as the fatigue was growing stronger and stronger with the passing moments. You had to find shelter before you collapsed on spot.

You didn't know just for how long you were walking. It surely seemed like an eternity, an eternity of excruciating cold that turned your breath into crystals. You tried to keep your consciousness as far as you could.

'Well well well, what do we have here?' a voice was heard coming from behind you.

You turned immediately, coming face to face with a true monster. Its body was utterly black, with two large horns protruding from the sides of its head and a large tail behind him. He resembled you the demons you used to see on movies and read on books back when you were normal, as his eyes were utterly red, with slit-shaped pupils, but not quite as yours. There was no iris. He was standing a few meters away from you, as he had obviously come through the bushes. He was eyeing you carefully, as if he was surprised to see you there.

'Who are you?' you asked him, voice adamantly steady and hands reaching slowly for the knives.

In your question, he laughed 'My name is Zalgo. But you must already know that as you are a Creepypasta.'

'I don't know what you are talking about.' You said as you slowly begun to back away. You could feel it. There. In his aura. He was extremely strong. You couldn't go up against him. Not in your current state at least.

'Oh, I believe you know. But since you are alone and I resent all you little-weak monsters, I'm going to end you quickly.' He announced.

Before you were able to realize a thing, he was right behind you. Your knives smashed against his claws, barely protecting you, as he send you flying against the opposite tree. Your back hit the trunk heavily, but in the end you managed to fall on your feet. You charge against him, swinging the knife in his face, giving him a deep scar on his cheek. In response, he roamed and kicked you. You were unable to dodge it, so you fell on the tree again, with a huge gulp of blood coming out of your mouth. You curse loudly, as he charges against you. collecting all your remaining strength, you manage to tilt to the right on the right time, resulting him smashing on the tree. One of his horns is stuck on the tree, which gives you the opening you wanted.

You stand up and start running with all your strength on the open space in front of you.

Again, it doesn't take him long before he is right behind you, running quickly through the trees. For some moments you just ran between the trees. It is just like back then, when the thugs shoot you. You could see everything around you, but it looked like time had stopped as you ran inside the forest. And then, the first explosion sounded. A huge branch of a nearby tree fell against you. You jumped above it, making a turn in the air, avoiding it and continuing running. Looking behind you, you see the black monster throwing fire balls against you, but with your quick running and sharp senses you are able to avoid them for mere millimeters. It almost got you numerous times, but luck was on your side and you managed to escape them.

Then you see an opening in front of you.

It is just a clearing that leads to the open air. A cliff.

This is your chance.

You avoid another ball of fire, but as the debris of the trees fall, you grab them with both hands and turning, you throw it against him. Catching him by surprise, the tree trunk hits him straight in the face, making fall behind. That's it!

You focus and put all your strength to reach the cliff.

Twelve meters.




Without thinking, you jump.

The cliff wasn't too big, just enough for the top of the trees to reach him, and enough to give you the edge. As you fall, you allow yourself a glance towards the forest. Your breath is cut by the fairytale that is laid out before you. Some bats fly in the distance. The moon shines above the sea of dark. And then a scream interrupts the silence. Turning your head, you see Zalgo standing on the edge of the cliff, his gaze pure madness. He fires another fire ball. You look straight in front of you. The ground is coming closer. You can avoid it and land perfectly. But then a loud scream leaves your mouth, as the fireball hits your left leg. You fail to maintain your balance and crashing on the branches of the nearby trees, filling your hands with scars, you fall on the ground heavily. You scream again, as you try to get up, before the man runs after you.

Your leg hurts like hell, but not running is not a choice. You get up, ignoring the pain and once again run.

You run.

And run.

And run.

The pain on your leg is excruciating, but you have to get away. To have to get away to recover. And once you recover, you're going to hunt that man down and make him wish he was never born. You'll paint the walls with his blood. Kill him slowly and painfully. You look at your clothes and an exclamation of anger escapes you. Due to the fall, your clothes are torn to pieces. The fabric that is left, is only capable of covering your chest. Your skirt is torn and now reaches just a few inches under your lower parts. Your legs are exposed, your stomach, your hands. But luckily, the belt and the knives are still there.

When you are sure that the man is no longer after you, you slow down your paste into a walk. You look around you to see that you have reached a whole other side of the forest. Here, the moonlight penetrates the trees and reaches all the way down to the ground. Your bare feet crunch the untouched snow under them, as you proceed, looking around you amazed.

You walk to a tree clearing. The sky can't be seen, but the trees create a small untouched circle. You close your eyes and inhale deeply.

And then you feel it.

A presence. Too close.

You open your eyes immediately and look towards the presence.

At first, you see only a dark shadow on your left, just behind the tree, hiding in the shadows. But when it notices you, it takes a step towards the moonlight. At first you immediately think it's the man from before, but you try to keep your calmness.

Still, you are taken aback inside your mind.

It wasn't the man from before.

Instead it is a rather tall teenager. He was taller than you, almost 6' 4'. He was wearing a black hoodie, with matching black pants and shoes. His face was covered by a royal blue mask, that had two large holes exactly where the eyes should be, with a strange, black substance dripping down from them. He didn't say a word upon seeing you, but started walking towards you.

You clench you jaw firmly, as you take out your knives.

He takes another step and takes out of his pocket a sharp scalpel.

Trick and Kill chapter 3

Chapter 3 Birth Of A Nightmare

They desperately ran out of the house, dropping anything that could slow them down on the way. You laughed; you laughed manically at their disappointing attempt to escape you and you ran behind them clenching the knives hard on your hands. You noticed that your movements were a lot faster and sharp, leading you to catch up with them with exceptional ease. They didn’t even turn to see you burst out of the front door, as they made their way towards the park. But you wouldn’t let them escape in the darkness. You jumped; you jumped really high and with a turn in the middle of the air, you land hard in front of them, blocking their way.
You slowly raise yourself, as the impact had made your knees subside a little bit and smile menacingly at your prey ‘Where are you going? The fun just started!’
All of them stop in their tracks and scream loudly at your words, some of them pointing at your face and some of them cursing loudly. But it took them only a few seconds before the survival instincts kick in and start to run at the open road ahead of them.
You simply laugh. You laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh, as you make your way casually into the road and then suddenly, start running behind them, finally starting the hunt officially. They run in front of you and you are careful to keep some distance, not too far, not too close, just the appropriate amount needed to break their sanity a little bit. It’s strange, but the road is totally empty, with only the seven of you running along in it. Gazing at the sky, the bright full moon shines extraordinarily, illuminating the road ahead of you. It’s a splendid night for murder.
You focus back at your future victims. They all throw glances every now and then behind them, only to see that you are still after them. Many have slowly begun to lose their footing and started to be left behind, only to be helped by their other friends, who hurry them to regain their speed. They know. They know deep down their guts, that the girl that chases them has nothing to do with the girl they tried to kill a few hours before. The previous girl was just a human; the girl now, is a demon. Fall behind and you are dead. Let her catch you and you would sure wish you would be dead.
‘This f***ing b!tch is crazy!’ one of them yells to the others.
‘Do something!’ one of the others yells to the leader.
‘Fine!’ he says and running up ahead, he stops and grabs a huge trash can ‘Take that b!tch.’ he says and sends it flying towards you.
The heavy iron case hits the floor violently and is send against you, ready to crush your face on impact.
‘Pathetic.’ You say as you smash the trash can with your bare hand, sending it to the opposite direction, without a scratch on your hand.
All of them curse loudly and wonder what kind of human you are. Slowly but steadily, realization hits them in the face that the table has turned to them and the possible escape they so much want is getting further and further away from them.
‘What monster are ya b!tch?!’ the leader once again screams towards you.
He turns while still running and pulls out of the inner pocket of his jacket, a small gun. He carefully points at you and pulls the trigger three times.
And then, time slows down.
You see the bullets coming threatenly towards you, an image that reminds you of the action movies that you used to watch. You see the three pieces of iron reach you, but with their slow speed, you manage to skillfully pass between them without any one of them touching you. Then, the time turns to its original state and you find them running and looking at you with wide eyes. In response, you laugh manically, only draining their sanity more.
As you run on the empty streets, they try with any means possible to stop you, but you just avoid them all and patiently wait for the time that they would finally be exhausted and then catch them. Like the cat and the mice, you want to feel the thrill of the hunt to its full extent.
They ran pass a highway inside the city. You run behind them also.
But this time, you were careless.
You manage to see two bright lights flash right beside you, before you feel the collision. An iron wall hits you hard. You lose your balance, only to feel your hip and head bang against a glass, breaking it. Your body is lifted up by the speed, only to hit again on another iron wall, before you smash with power against the concrete of the road. You immediately know that your head is open, as a black liquid drips and soon forms a pond underneath you. Your arms are broken, various limps are also shattered, with one of them protruding from your chest and your spine is broken too. The glass had given you many cuts along your face and body, ripping apart your witch costume and leaving you a huge cut on your stomach that bleeds out severely. Still, you feel absolutely no pain. No pain at all. Rather, a ticklish coldness is spread along your body, making you chuckle under your breath.
You hear the car come to an abrupt stop, the wheels screeching from the violence of the brakes. You turn your attention to your prey, but they have already run too far away, disappearing at the far distance. Damn it!!
‘Miss are you okay?!’ you hear a voice scream towards you.
The moment you hear the car door open, you feel your bones slide back into their original places, returning inside your body and healing all by themselves. Tracing your face and body, you feel all the cuts gone. The only trace that you were wounded was the blood underneath you. You carefully place your hands on the concrete and you stand up, back turned towards the driver, feeling your limps a little bit strange, a feeling that subsides after a little bit. But they had gotten away. They escaped. You drop your head back and start laughing manically, a sound that echoes on the empty highway of the town, bouncing on the house walls.
‘Miss? Are you okay?’ the driver says behind you, his voice only a whisper.
You drop your head forward again and gently stroke your cook knives ‘Am I okay you ask?’ you slowly say, your voice sounding more alluring and deep, something that kind of surprised you ‘I don’t know…..Am I?’ you say and turn to look at the driver.
The moment the middle aged man gazes upon your face a loud, heart-shivering scream leaves his mouth. He backs away but fails to maintain his balance and falls on the ground near the car. You walk to him, clenching the knives strongly and with the desire for blood to build up inside you. You crave it. You want it. And you want it now!
As you come to a stop just above him, with a huge grin on your face due to his terrified look and your lust for blood, out of the corner of your eye, you see your reflection on the car. Nothing was amiss on first glance. You were looking at your usual self. But then you noticed it. Two large scars went down your eyes, symmetrically even and still fresh and deep. They started from your upper eyebrow and descended down on your lower cheek. Your eyelids were intact, which was strange. And then, there were your eyes. Since you were born, you had (e/c) eyes. But now, they had gained a bright orange color, while the pupil had turned slit, like a cat’s. The sclera that was once white had now turned completely black. As you looked upon yourself, you realized why they all screamed when they saw you. You looked like a demon. And you loved it.
You turned once again at the man, who was now crying with loud sobs and using his hands to protect his face, as he looked petrified at you.
‘….P…..please…..don’t hurt me..’ he begged.
You tilted your head ‘Witches and ghosts are singing.’ You said as you raised both knives ‘TRICK AND KILL!!’
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The sun was rising on the horizon. The warm rays of light fell upon your face as you gazed at the bright orb climbing on the horizon. Blood was dripping down from your hands, as your last victim for tonight let out their last breath. You had lost count after ten and manically proceeded with your gruesome work across the streets of your hometown. But now, the sun was going up. You had to hide. You turned to your victims. They were both girls, a bit older than you. After your attack, their chests were completely open and their blood had made a big pool underneath them. You dipped your hand on the blood and proceeded to the wall. You had to give them a name.
Witches and ghosts are singing; Trick and Kill, you wrote on the wall and then proceeded to write only one name:

Trick And Kill {JeffXReaderXEyeless Jack} chapter 2

Chapter 2 Kill

He smiled slyly to you as all his other friends slowly came in through the front door. Your mother screamed and lunched for the phone, trying desperately to call the police, while you grabbed Cady, closing her into your protective arms, looking around the kitchen for a possible way out. Unfortunately, both you and your mom were unlucky this fateful night. Three of the guys launched against her, grabbing her with ease and throwing her down on the floor, while all the windows in the kitchen were too far and you couldn't reach them while having Cady in your arms.
'_____ RUN!!' your mother yelled at you, but then screamed loudly as a pair of knuckles landed hard on her face. She screamed and tried to free herself, as blood started coming out from her nose. The guys above her laughed harder and started punching her wherever they could reach, laughing more and more at her desperate screams for help.
'MOM!!!!' you had to help her somehow!
You looked around you, immediately noticing the knife holder. You let Cady down, pushing her behind your back, protecting her between you and the counter, while you grab two kitchen knives and hold them tightly in your hands, turning towards the invaders. The other three that remained, including the leader only look at you and laugh their hearts out.
'You still want to go the hard way darling? This time you ain't getting away. We'll make ya pay.' He says menacingly and he takes out a small pocket knife.
'_____ watch out!' Your mother yells at you, but soon enough the one standing on top of her duck tapes her mouth. Her muffled screams continue to be heard as you steadily look at her. But then, your eyes fell on your father. He had stopped moving long ago. His eyes were looking straight in front of him in the ceiling, completely void and lifeless, while his head was resting in a huge pool of blood. HIs throat was slit from edge to edge, resulting him to drown in his own blood. It was right then when realization hit you hard on the face. These guys hadn't come here in order either to steal or punish you. They had come to kill you. Right beside your father, your mother was still struggling the best way she could to fight them back, with various cuts and bruises along her face. Hot, big tears were rolling down her white cheeks.
You turned again to the leader. Anger boiled hard inside of you, so strong, like hot lava that resonated throughout your body. It fired you up, seeking revenge from them. You held the knives strongly and launched against them, full power. You swung the knife, trying to cut them with any way possible but they were quicker this time. They dodge it quite easily, with more skills that they had in the past, which only made you wonder if they went easy on you last time. You swung the first knife on the leaders’ face, you swung the second knife on the guy on your left, both of them managed to dodge them. Before you could even see what was going on, a knee landed on your stomach with power. You gasped, as blood came out of your mouth and you smashed on the wall behind you. You failed to maintain your balance thus you fell on the floor, trying to breathe despite the excruciating pain that you were given.
Then, the second kick landed. And it landed hard on your face. You felt your nose break and your face was covered with an intensive pain. You put your hands to protect your face, only to realize that blood had filled your face, since your nose was shattered. But they didn’t stop there. Soon, only one remained with your mother and all the others gathered around you, like a circle of crows, ready to devour their potential victim. All of them attacked you. Kicks, punches, even stabs were coming from every possible way. You just couldn’t protect yourself. They were too many and too quick for you to manage to defend or even protect yourself. They tried to hit every corner of your body, trying to end you. And you believed that they were capable to do that. You didn’t know how many minutes had passed. It could be hours, centuries, or even mere seconds. They only thing you knew was that the beating wouldn’t stop and that you were going to die soon from your injuries. No, you prayed to the all merciful God to kill you right there, right now. That way, the rest of your family would be safe, as the thugs would have gotten what they wanted. Your life. After a little while, you just stopped trying to protect yourself. You just waited for the inevitable, it wouldn’t take long.
Then, as if by a mere miracle, the beating stopped. You looked up, trying to see through all the blood that had fallen on your eyes, only to see the leader coming towards you. He kneeled beside you, grabbing you from your hair and pulling, he brought your head inches away from his face.
‘Now ya see that we’re nat joking.’ He said and standing up, he pulled you along with him. The others laughed and made way for the two of you, as the leader led you to the kitchen and with a kick on your waist, he send you flying on the table. You fell on it with full power, making it break and resulting into you landing on the floor, just a few inches away from the terrified eyes of Cady, who stared at the whole scene in front of her with wide eyes, not daring to speak.
‘Finish the other one.’ The leader commanded with a small nod of his head, still looking at you with a terrifying smile.
You only coughed up a large amount of blood, trying desperately to look to you right. You barely managed to tilt your head and peek through his feet, only to see the other grabbing your mom from her hair and drag her to the hallway. You tried your best to talk, but in response, you had another round of coughed up blood. But you had to do something! Your eyes opened with surprise as you saw them throwing her on the floor and bending above her menacingly. This wasn’t good! You felt your heart pound loudly inside your chest, as she resonated the fear across your whole body. The others pulled the duck tape away, enabling your mother to speak. But she had long ago lost her ability to speak from her utter terror.
‘P….plea….se……..don’t…..hu…rt…h..er.’ you begged the leader, turning your face towards him, tears falling from your eyes in huge quantity. Your heart was now shattered, cut in little pieces. It was your entire fault. You had brought the misfortune over your family. And now, one by one, they were suffering because of you. This thought alone, was enough to drive you to madness.
The leader looked at you with a icy cold stare ‘This is yar punishment, b!tch.’
‘…Ca….dy…...’ you turned to your sister.
Her face was stained with big tears that dripped down to the floor, while she was unable to move. In the sound of your voice though, she turned her adorable face towards you.
‘….Don’t….look…’ you said and nodding, she covered her eyes with her small hands.
‘______’ you then heard your mother calling you.
You weakly turned towards her, only to meet with her face, smiling to you with the warmest smile, the kind of which, only a mother could give her beloved child. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, but she only continued to smile sweetly.
‘My child, take care of Cady. I love you so much.’ She whispered.
Then it all happened.
Despite your heavy injuries, your back made a perfect arc and a penetrating scream left your mouth. It was one of those sights that the mind just refuses to comprehend. It just stops working and leaves you numb towards the sight that lies in front of you, trying in his turn to protect what sanity is left inside of the individual. You just screamed and screamed; trying the hardest you could to move yourself and ran to your beloved, sweet mother.
But when the hand of your mother hit the floor lifeless, you knew that it was all over, so you stopped screaming altogether. You just laid there, staring in utter shock and terror to the brutal scene that was laid out in front of you. You just couldn’t comprehend it.
‘Now let’s see what we’ll do with you darlin’’ the leader said merrily. He nodded to his fellow murderers and as they laughed, they threw him the two kitchen knives you had grabbed before. He grabbed them in the air, and kneeling on top of you, he sat on your belly.
‘Let’s see…’ he wondered, grabbing your (h/c) and pulling them back, so that he could look at your face with ease.
You stared at him dead serious, your heart dripping with blood as tears were falling from your eyes.
‘Why..are you…doing this?’ you questioned him, voice full of hatred.
‘Why, why you are saying!’ he said, bending down to you, and smiling like a crazy person, making your blood freeze.
‘It’s because witches and ghosts are singing: Trick and kill!’ he said laughing manically, and putting one of the knives on your face, he begun caressing your cheek with it ‘Why are you crying?’ he said, wiping a tear with the cold blade.

You didn’t respond.

‘Hmmm, how about we give you a real tear?’ he said, grabbing your head tightly.

You screamed and tried to move your head, but his friends came to his help, holding your head and hands in place, so that he could do his gruesome job. He placed the knife just a few inches above your eyebrow. You felt the cold blade penetrate your skin, and the blood starting to drip down. You screamed, he laughed and pulled the knife all the way down, cutting your skin deeply. You screamed even louder, with blood blurring your vision. But still, you could see perfectly clear with that eye, for reasons you didn’t know. He proceeded to do the same to your other eye, cutting it down, until your jaw. He laughed louder and after stabbing you repeatedly on the chest, he stood up. It was the end. You could feel it. The cold numbness had begun to spread on your body and your mind started growing numb. This was the end.

‘No!!! Stop hitting MY SISTER!’ you heard a voice say.

Trying with all your might, you focus on the little female figure that was now standing protectively in front of you, her arms open, trying to stop them from coming closer to you.

‘Ca…dy…..no!...’ you tried to stop her.

The other laughed hard ‘Whose that?’

‘Her little sister.’

‘She’s trying to protect her. Hahahaha.’

‘What a little piece of sh!t.’ one of them said and took some steps towards the small kid.

‘Cady……RUN!!!’ you tried to warn her, raising your hand towards her.

There was a sharp flash.

Everything froze.

The little girl’s body fell lifeless beside you.

‘CADY!!!’ you screamed with all the power you had left.

The others laughed. They called you names. How foolish you were, how desperate, how fate served you right. Your eyes closed, with the image of your little sister, lying beside you with eyes wide open…..and…..empty.

You were floating inside a dark lake. Everything around you was pitch black, not a single ray of light was anywhere to be found. You were floating gently in the middle of the lake, allowing the cold numbness to take you into its arms, releasing you from the excruciating pain. Ah, the pain was long gone. No more pain, no more suffering. You were finally able to die. The All-Merciful Lord had allowed you to take that single step and dive into the abyss of death. Soon, you would be able to reunite with your family. Everyone would be there. Your father, your mother…..Cady…..Once again you would be able to see them, to embrace them, to feel once again welcomed and loved in the arms of the ones that raised you and made you the person you are today. Ah, even in these last moments, the few ones that kept you apart, were enough to miss them dearly. There was only the deep longing of being part of them once again. To see the encouraging smile of your father. To feel the warm arms of your mother wrapping protectively around you once again. To be able to gaze into the deep (e/c) eyes of Cady and give her a tender kiss on the top of her head. To be happy once again. So you simply waited for the light to flash around you.

But then, a beating started to sound through the complete darkness.

At first it was a low beat, barely audible inside the cold water. But as the seconds passed, it only grew louder and louder, making you cover your ears to be able to resist it. It was a deafening sound that drove you mad. Soon, it was accompanied with various images that flashed in your eyes.












The view and scent of blood started to flood you from every possible inch of your body. It was like a haunting aura that gently wrapped around your body, trying to keep you warm. It infiltrated your body slowly but steadily, with an alluring sweetness that send shivers down your spine. It’s taste. It’s scent. It’s everything. You felt it creeping slowly inside every fiber of your body, sliding painfully slowly through your veins, moving along with your own blood, coming closer and closer with every single beat your heart took each second. It warmed you up. It send the coldness away, wrapping your body in its deadly embrace and you were left there, not only unable to do the slightest move, but craving; craving for the blood to engulf you inside of it, ripping apart your soul and filling it with its lustful touch. And just for this once, it granted you your wish.

When it finally reached your heart, it set it on fire.

It burned hard and with such heat, that made you want to scream on the top of your lungs. To scream until your lungs would be ripped apart. A victorious, crazy scream of absolute madness, as your very soul was being burnt to the ground inside your body, resonating throughout your whole existence, eliminating all the things that made you who you were. And you were glad. You were ecstatic that this fire had chosen you. Because as it burned you down, the faces of the killers that ripped your life apart started flashing in front of your eyes. Their laughs, their comments, their kills, the blood that covered them all, the alluring scent of blood that made you want to shove your hands in it and start drinking it. Because they had killed what was most sacred to your life. They had snatched away from you the only thing that made you who you were and kept you away from the monster that is called insanity. You had failed your own family, you had allowed these demons to brutally end their lives. It was your entire fault. You failed to protect your sister. You let them do that to your own family. So how could you possibly just die now and reunite with them? No, death wouldn’t give you the satisfaction of taking the thing that these demons were holding most dear. But it wasn’t only them. They weren’t the only demons out there. Somebody must have heard and did nothing. You must hunt them all down. You must dip your hands into blood. Only the blood would now give you the satisfaction you wanted. Only that could keep you alive. And you would hunt it. You would hunt them down, like the animals they were. Kill them all, kill…..kill……kill….KILL!

You want blood. You want lots and LOTS of blood. All for you, all in your service. To indulge, to get lost inside of it, to become one with it. To worship it!

Your wild and insane scream resonated into the silence.

You laughed. Laughed and laughed and laughed, finally taking that last step into madness. Cause you had walked to the edge of all light and took that first step into the darkness. And the feeling was so overwhelming, that you lost yourself into it. And you laughed insanely.

Your eyes opened wide. You were staring to the ceiling of your kitchen. Strangely, you could see so clearly, that you were able to see the small cracks that had formed over the years on it, so small, barely visible. You took a deep breath and you could smell the cookies your mother burnt three days ago, the smell of the chicken you ate for lunch and another smell, a smell that started clouding your mind like a thin mist, a smell that was overwhelming you. Blood. Lots and lots of blood. And then you could hear them. They roamed around the house searching for precious items and then gathering back into the hallway.

Using only your back, you lifted your body into a sitting position. You gazed over your body and were able to see the blood that had covered you, but not the wounds anymore. Beside you, there were the kitchen knives you used before. You slowly reached out for them and took one in each hand. Slowly but steadily, you got on your feet, who felt kind of strange.

‘Wait.’ A voice sounded, clear as a bell into your ears.

‘Is she still alive?’

‘How can she still be alive?’

‘It’s impossible.’

‘What is she?’

Voices said, coming from the hallway. The murderers. You held onto the knives with all your strength….and looked up.
The moment they saw you, they all screamed loudly and you heard their hearts skip various beats inside their chests. Terror was painted on their faces, terror that you haven’t seen on any human.

You smiled widely.

‘MONSTER!’ they screamed and ran out of the house, dropping everything behind.

Your laughter echoed in the night, as you ran behind them.