Ulquiorra x Reader (WMHB) Chapter 5 Forget Me Not

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Chapter 5 Forget me not

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.”
― Anne Brontë

“She was breathtaking in her beauty. Hers was a beauty that no other possessed.’’
― Charlotte Featherstone, Sinful

The haunting white moonlight was entering through the huge windows that adorned the walls. The silver moon threw the same eerie light, which reflected itself in the white –snow like- ground. The sand was spreading until the very distant horizon and looked more threatening in the strict absence of any color, giving you the impression that behind every little hill and into the slightest shadow, your worst nightmares where hiding. Who could gaze in the dark and be able to withstand the sense of darkness that would look back?
Total silence has spread well within the empty, completely strange palace of Las Noches. All corridors were bereft of any evidence of a living soul, empty and menacing, ready to drain every fiber of logical thinking from the mind of any living organism. Not that living organisms would ever be able to survive in such an inhospitable place, or at least maintaining mental health.
Yet, in the absolute silence, a sequential sound resounds powerfully into the complete lack of sound.
Ulquiorra was walking down the corridor, his steps leading him more and more to the room Lord Aizen had acquired him to go. Since his last visit to the human world, a week had passed already.
From the moment the three of you arrived at the palace of Las Noches, you were immediately taken and sealed away safely. Ulquiorra did not know where in particular, but he was sure that it was Lord Aizen’s wish to do so. Still, it was too clear in his eyes, that you hadn’t used your powers to their true capacity and still, you were able to heal most of your wounds and dissolve Yammy’s arm in little pieces. That alone, was a clear fact that you were hiding a vicious power, that was lurking somewhere inside of you, hidden well behind your human skin. Ulquiorra had realized that the facts he had observed about you did not add up at all. How was it possible for a human trash to be able to seal such an immense power inside of it? From the small glimpse he was able to acquire from your reatsu, that was altered tremendously when you rose from the ground, one thing was clear to him. It was overpowering even his own energy. But who exactly is this girl?
He pushed this thought away from his mind. You were nothing more than a pest with a rare talent. Soon, you would be left only a trash.
Keeping his hands inside his pockets he descended the vast corridor walking past crossroads, carefully keeping his head focused in front of him, ignoring the whole world around him. In any case, they were nothing but useless things, specially made to accommodate the various needs both of Lord Aizen and the rest of the Espada. Not that they were holding any kind of significance. They were just there to fit a role. And this went for his comrades and himself also.
But this particular girl had caught the attention of Lord Aizen. When he presented his findings on the human world, Lord Aizen had made it crystal clear to all the Espada present, that he wanted them to bring him the girl. He was very precise into saying that no damage was to be made on the woman, and if it happened, then the responsible one would deal with the consequences. So, out of all the Espada, Aizen picked Ulquiorra to bring him the woman.
From the moment she came to the palace, a strange sense had begin to poison the walls and corridors, something that not only him, but also all the other higher ranked ones had noticed. Like miasma that poisoned the air and walls, it spread across the palace and drew unwanted visitors from afar. The problematic visitors were dealt with, and the miasma became a reality that eventually was usual. Still, more shadows were pestering the palace.
‘Where ya heading at lapdog?’ a voice was heard from a corner.
Ulquiorra immediately recognized it as Grimmjow’s, the 6th ranked Espada. The muscular Espada made its appearance, appearing from a corner, with a large, smug grin on his face.
Ulquiorra simply ignored him, continuing to walk down the corridor, something that ticked the blood-thirsty Arrancar even more.
‘Hey fucker, I asked you a fucking question.’ He declared, starting to lose his temper.
‘My intentions are not to your concern. I am not obliged to answer you.’ Ulquiorra replied in a monotone, continuing his way, only to hear the steps of his comrade follow.
‘You’re going to see the girl aren’t ya?’ Grimmjow didn’t want to follow that emo-like dude, but this was the only way to satisfy his own curiosity as well. The breaking news of the woman’s arrival reached him late enough for him not to be able to get the chance to see her. And as Aizen seemed completely obsessed with her, it was only natural to raise his own curiosity.
Ulquiorra once again ignored him and stopped outside a door, knocking lightly.
When he heard the come in, he opened it and both him and Grimmjow, who his only goal was to annoy him with his presence even more, passed inside what seemed to be Szayelaporro’s laboratory.
The pink haired Arrancar was immediately located in front of various screens and medical machineries, messing with various things on the boards of the machines, that covered all the space of the little, round room. His expression was overwhelmed with happiness, more likely the sadistic happiness that hides madness pretty lousy. Ulquiorra noticed that the signs appearing on the boards were that of vital organs.
‘Welcome Ulquiorra.’ A male voice said and Aizen himself turned to greet his minions, opening his arms and smiling cockily ‘I see that you brought Grimmjow along.’ His tone was polite, but a small tint of annoyance could be easily detected.
‘I apologize for the inconvenience Lord Aizen, but this was not in my intensions.’ Ulquiorra replied.
Beside Aizen was standing Harribel, having crossed her arms above her chest, looking at the visitors calmly. Behind her was a huge tank, that was covered with a heavy fabric, but still, in the almost immortal beings in the room, a faint light could be seen coming from within.
‘Ah, there is no problem. Let us see what we discovered and got in our hands.’ Aizen said and nodded to Szayelaporro to start.
‘Of course Lord Aizen.’ He crazy scientist made a small curtsey, holding some papers in his hands ‘So what I found about this woman is truly interesting! But to an amazing scientist like myself, they couldn’t be missed.’ he declared, pushing his glasses backwards to place them better.
‘So, I found out that her reatsu really is peculiar. After running some tests it was clear that her reatsu changes altogether when she is wounded in any sort. Her body reacts and the wound heals again faster even from any Arrancar that I have ever experimented on. And to think that she is only a mere human, it is extraordinary!’ he said and started laughing manically, walking up and down the whole room.
‘I also discovered that her skin is invulnerable to any needle, despite the fact that weapons can cut of various parts of her. Her veins are unreachable, so I wasn’t really able to inject any poison and see how she would respond to that.’
‘Cut to the chase as***le.’ Grimmjow growled from beside the door, where he was now leaning into.
‘Science needs time brainless idiot.’ Was the answer Szayelaporro threw to him ‘As I was saying, I have barely managed to keep her asleep, but her vital signs are steady even when I wound her severely. Still though, I wasn’t able to access her powers, that seem to be lethargic, except from her healing abilities.’
‘So there is no way to test them.’ Aizen concluded.
Szayelaporro nodded ‘Only if we wake her up and tempt her. Still, I’m not sure, but at some points I thought she was awake and wandering around the room when I was away, so I would have to say that there might have been some sorts of materialized illusions.’
‘If she was able to move, why didn’t she free herself?’ Harribel asked.
‘I believe that she is not aware she is captured. I have solid ways to believe that her mind is so deep in slumber, that she has no idea of her surroundings. She is able though, to sense the reatsu around her.’ He was now walking up and down in front of the tank.
‘Also, I have located many tattoos, mostly in her back and on her spine, that appear to work as seals, as well as one over her heart. But, any attempt to remove them, only resulted in failure.’
‘Anything else?’ Aizen said impatiently.
‘Nothing else, my Lord. I can proceed into revealing her to you.’ Szayelaporro said, grabbing the fabric.
On Aizen’s nod he pulled it hard.
Ulquiorra’s eyes watched coldly, as the fabric fell to the floor, revealing the huge glass tank that was full of water. The light that was coming from above and below illuminated the clear water, giving it a strong bluish tint. Some air bubbles escaped every now and then and moved upwards, skillfully avoiding the body of the sleeping girl that was enclosed within.
From where he was standing, Grimmjow couldn’t have a clear view of the water tank as Aizen and that Harribel where blocking his view. One thing that he noticed though, was that complete silence had immediately fallen around the room.
‘Well, what is the fuss all about?’ He said, slightly irritated and moved forward, managing to find a clearing and look at the water tank.
And then he froze on spot.
His eyes widened with surprise and his breath was cut inside his throat and never came out. Not that he needed to breathe anyway. It was the spectacle that made him stop on his tracks.
There, inside the water tank, was sleeping, a girl.
Her eyes were covered with bandages so that even if she woke, they would deprive her from seeing around her. Her long (sorry, on this one your hair is long, so if you have short hair, imagine them long :P ) (h/c) hair were peacefully floating around her, surrounding her (face shape) face, as if they were a sea of (h/c) water. Her (skin color) skin was astonishing under the faint white light that the light was emitting, making it look like it was liquid. She had sweet shaped facial characteristics that made her look like an innocent little girl.
Grimmjow’s gaze moved down, to her beautifully shaped shoulders and her chest, which was wrapped with bandages as well, hiding what should not be seen – much to his dislike - , down to her stomach and her legs. Still, she was covered well. Her face had leaned downwards, and it was evident that she was sleeping peacefully, with a hint of a tiny smile in the edges of her lips. Her arms were resting lightly on her sides, floating inside the clear water.
At that point, Grimmjow was sure.
She was the most beautiful woman he had seen.
The extraordinary beauty of the girl didn’t go unnoticed by Ulquiorra also. Upon gazing at her sleeping figure inside the water, his eyes widened, so slightly, that it would go unnoticed by many. And it did. The whole picture of the girl that was reflecting on his eyes was something more than beautiful. Even he, though, couldn’t find the words to describe it. Nor did he fully understand it.
Then he heard a beat.
And that lasted for only a mere second.
Immediately after, only after he blinked his eyes, everything was as it should be. The effect of the girl seized and Ulquiorra decided that there must be her strange reatsu on act that made him act this way. Yes. In fact he had sensed it to fluctuate as soon as the girl was revealed. That only proved that she was a strange human. Her closed eyes made her look innocent and vulnerable, but he was sure, that there was much more to her that met the eye. She would really be a valuable weapon on the hands of Lord Aizen, until her usage would be over and her existence would be wiped out. It would be necessary to test her full abilities though, before he would be able to make his final conclusions. Still, he was able to identify the fact that she is valuable, far before Aizen even spoke.
‘Why don’t we see a little bit of her abilities?’ he suggested smiling lightly towards Szayelaporro.
‘As you wish my Lord.’ Szayelaporro held on his notes and beamed a bright smile that was more disturbing than reassuring. He rushed back at the screens and starting turning and pushing buttons ‘Observe very carefully my Lord.’ He said and turned towards the water tank, full of anticipation.
From the top of the water tank two ropes dropped immediately. One was just a simple rope that with Szayelaporro’s manual guidance, wrapped around the arm of the sleeping girl, just a few inches under her bare shoulder, grasping the arm hard and keeping it in place. The other one, had a small metal wheel, exactly like the ones the doctor use. It floated down, beside the rope and stopped there.
‘And the procedure begins.’ Szayelaporro announced, as he pushed one final button and the wheel began to turn rapidly.
Ulquiorra observed closely as the wheel gently touched the skin of the girl and immediately, red liquid started coming out, as the wheel was cutting the arm. Grimmjow's senses tightened as he saw the wheel get lost inside the delicate skin of the human and a grin made its way into his face as after one small second, the right hand of the girl was completely amputated. Ulquiorra watched silently, as the red blood almost covered all of the water around the girl, whose face didn’t alter even for one second, as if she was unable to feel the pain.
The amputated arm was led by the ropes into a small hole in the bottom of the tank, where it disappeared.
‘Now look.’ Szayelaporro said.
The girl kept sleeping peacefully, as if nothing had happened, completely engulfed into the blood that flowed from her arm.
Then, out of nowhere, black vines started coming out of her wound. They looked like vines of roses, completely covered with thorns, while when they touched the glass wall, you could see the edges turn into majestic black roses. Grimmjow let out a small, menacing growl. It appeared as if the vines where absorbing the blood that had scattered around, as the water became once again crystal clear and the vines were becoming larger and larger.
It was evident to Ulquiorra that the vines behaved as if they were searching for the possible threat that inflicted the wound into their vessel, acting completely on their own, repeatedly hitting the glass, as if they wanted to get through it. But the glass was sturdy enough. Strange it appeared to him though, the fact that the thorns didn’t harm the girl at all, even if they appeared to pierce her skin. The girl continued to be in deep slumber, completely unaware of her surroundings.
Then, when the search for the possible threat was over, the vines started withdrawing. Slowly but steadily, they flew back to the girl and started wrapping around themselves, in the place where her hand had been previously. They began to be tangled more and more, leaving no space among them, until they created the shape of a black hand.
Then, their movement stopped.
‘One.’ Szayelaporro murmured.
Two roses bloomed into the black mass.
The black vines turned into liquid and they were completely absorbed into the skin, leaving behind a perfectly healed hand.
‘Impressive.’ Aizen said.
‘Sh**t!’ Grimmjow hissed.
‘This human is impressive.’ Ulquiorra said in a monotone.
The hand hadn’t only healed, but it was like no damage was done to it in the very first place.
‘Her abilities appear to be out of the ordinary.’ Ulquiorra turned to Lord Aizen, who nodded and turned, walking towards the door.
He stopped and turned towards the Espada, with a calm but dangerous smile on his face.
‘We’ll put her abilities to the test shortly. As for now, I want only the four of you, to keep an eye on her every night. Ulquiorra you’ll take the first shift for tonight. And I expect you to keep it hidden from your other comrades. Am I clear?’ he said.
‘Crystal clear, Lord.’ Grimmjow announced, with a large grin on his face and putting his hands behind his head. This woman will make an excellent toy. He only wished she lived long enough for him to get a chance to ‘play’ a little bit with her.
Ulquiorra watched silently, as all the others cleared the room and Szayelaporro closed the door to the lab behind him, emerging everything in mid-light, with the only light source being the water tank. Ulquiorra turned towards it, putting his hands in his pockets and looking up, his eyes meeting the sleeping girl that appeared to be unaware still. He had found a very peculiar being indeed.

激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒 激怒

Grimmjow was walking towards his chambers, his gaze falling arrogantly into the space around him and the empty hallways that he encountered. His mind though, was wandering back into that science-freaks laboratory and the breathtaking little girl that was enclosed in her water prison.
For starters, for a human female, she looked smoking hot. He found himself amazed by the capacity of attractiveness a human woman could possess but it was obvious that this one did and Grimmjow was more than eager to see what else she was hiding, even if she wanted to show him or not.
He licked his lips, grinning widely, thinking of all possible scenarios he could make her go through.
He just hoped that the guardian that Aizen would assign for her would leave an opening for him to take advantage of. He did want to check out for himself exactly how breakable human women could be. No surprise would come to him if he just touched her and all the bones on her body would shatter into little pieces. But this would be such a waste. Killing her would be game over and there are much more things he could do to her, well, until he loses his interest over her, or destroys her beautiful face. He should be extra careful around her.
Still, it came as a surprise to him how easy it was for her to heal herself, even if she was asleep and couldn’t understand a single thing. It was pretty clear that her powers are far beyond that, as he had carefully seen the observations Emo-spada had made. He didn’t like this dude not even a little bit and he was sure that given the chance, he would beat the shit out of him, proving to that arrogant bastard that he was far stronger than him. He just had to wait.
His thoughts switched back to the girl. One thing was for sure. He would have fun with her.
The lights above him flickered.
He threw them a furious gaze but still continued his way.
He hadn’t given much thought into women. To him they were only things he could play with and then toss them away, either dead or alive. They had absolutely no importance. And he was sure that this girl would be the same too.


He hadn’t thought of her in a really long time. How many centuries have passed since he last laid his eyes on her? How many centuries have passed since he last saw her smile? That smile that used to make his mind go completely blank?


He shouldn’t be thinking of her. She must be forgotten. No one must ever know.

The lights went completely off, leaving the whole place in complete darkness.

‘Tsk. Like that would affect me.’ Grimmjow muttered to himself, his cat vision taking control automatically.

But this time, he was unable to see a thing.

The darkness appeared to be so thick, that even his special abilities were unable to penetrate it and lighten the way for him. Suddenly, the darkness was more than touchable and gave him a feeling of danger, making his hair stand still like a cat’s. There was something odd about this darkness and he knew it immediately.
‘Who the f*ck is there?’ he immediately demanded to know, standing completely still and trying to listen to any strange sound. Or maybe, to any sound.
Then, a girl giggled.
He turned abruptly, trying to see where she was, but all he could see as darkness.
‘Come here, and I’ll show you bitch!’ he said angrily to the darkness.
Another laugh, this time from in front of him.
He turned again and clenched his jaw, revealing his teeth, into a menacing grimace. He still couldn’t find where she was. She was standing somewhere around him, as he could very faintly feel her presence, but no reatsu, or energy was emitted.
…I want to play with you Grimmjow…’ The voice was heard again.
He grinned ‘Then come out.’ He tempted her. The minute he would see her, he would kill her.

But no one ever warned him for the sight he was about to encounter.
The girl did come out of the dark. Or at least what he thought was a girl. He immediately recognized it as the imprisoned girl. But she was different from what he had seen.
Her whole body –no- her whole existence was white. A pure, unstained light was what her body consisted of. It was as if her body was made by it. He still could see her fragile neck, her chest -the bandaged were missing, but still, nothing was seen, as if she was wearing a full body suit, only that she was naked- her stomach, her hips and her legs. She was exactly as he had seen her inside that hell-hole. Her hands at her sides, her hair floating gently around her, as if she was still under the water. The only difference now, was the fact that her eyes were open. Still, there was no iris, only a bright white light.
She smiled widely to him, her perfect lips drawing back into a stunning smile that took his breath away. It was lucky of him not to be captivated completely by her smile, cause he was able to notice that her feet didn’t touch the floor under, and that she was in fact floating gently. What the f*ck was that?
He slowly reached for his Pantera.
…You don’t want to do that…’ Her voice was something more than a whisper, but made him freeze, his hand suspended over his sword.
She giggled again and floated towards him.
She gently touched his cheek with her hand, bringing her lips only inches away from his own.
…Behave my strong tiger. Obey me completely…’ her voice sounded mesmerizing inside his head, giving him one hell of a feeling, as if he was starting to emerge in a complete delirium. His body was foreign to him.
He heard her smile, more than he saw her.
Still touching his cheek softly, she floated around him, like a butterfly that wanted to capture the attention of a bigger and vicious predator and make him her minion.
…I have seen inside your head Grimmjow…’ she said, passing her hands slowly on his chest ‘…I know what you have done…
His whole head was turning. Her image had become completely blurred, as he fell further and further under her spell.
She laughed again ‘…What a strong man you are Grimmjow...I could play with you all day long…’ she floated to his left side, whispering to his left ear.
…Tell me, would you like me to play with you?...
He swallowed hard.

…*giggles* I’ll take that as a yes…

She was now once again in front of him, looking deep into his eyes. His whole head was spinning, and he cursed himself for not being able to react.

…What happened my strong tiger?....Do you feel a little strange?...’ her voice was full of pretended concern. Something that infuriated Grimmjow.

…You see, I wanted to trap you before I was able to play freely with you….You’re going to love my games…’ she giggled and drew a few inches back.

And then she slammed both her hands on his chest.

The impact was immediate.
Grimmjow was thrown two meters back, his senses so blurred, that he failed to maintain his balance and fell back first into the floor.

‘You….bi…tch.’ he threw breathlessly, trying like hell to make his senses focus once again, but the only thing he could do was to see her smile widely to him, an insane smile, that made even him hesitate for a second.

It’s time to atone for your sins Grimmjow.’ she said as her feet touched the ground.

Her eyes turned utterly black.

And this send a flashback to Grimmjow’s mind. His eyes widened from the surprise, as the girl started walking towards him, slowly, almost tauntingly.
Suddenly, it wasn’t the girl that was standing in front of him. It was her. He wasn’t in Las Noches anymore, but in Nāve Palace.

‘I’ll punish you Grimmjow.’
~I’ll punish you Grimmjow.~

His breath didn’t find its way out of his neck as he saw both of them walking closer and closer, and he started moving back, his senses still into a complete mess.

‘Disobedience is not tolerated.’
~Disobedience is not tolerated.~

In her hands appeared a long, white sword. She raised it, resonating to her also.

It’s time to pay for what you’ve done.’
~It’s time to pay for what you’ve done.~

They both swung the swords.

And Grimmjow found himself sitting on the floor. The lights shone brightly above him and he could hear conversations close to him and sense various reatsu around him. His senses were as perfect as before and his mind was clear as the sky. Still, he was bathed in cold sweat. He sat there for a few seconds, trying to figure out what he had just seen.
‘What the f*ck just happened?!’ he proclaimed infuriated.

誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り 誇り

The girl had not made the slightest move. Ulquiorra was standing in the same place he was standing when he arrived in this laboratory, his eyes calmly looking at the human girl. As he was nearly immortal, he did not feel the urge to sit down to relax for a little bit, nor to sleep at all, so he only kept those attributes only for time saving. Calculating the time, he has been standing guard to the girl for over three hours.
The various screens that showed her vital signs were transmitting the same tone in complete monotone, without the slightest change.
His thoughts were wondering around the previous incidents and her healing attribute. In the time after the arrival of the first girl, he was able to observe the second woman that was on the human world and it was obvious that her powers consisted mostly of rejection of destiny, or otherwise, rejection of time. It was a peculiar and interesting ability, though it did not even get close to the energy the human girl was able to display.
Her healing ability was indeed a healing ability; the only difference was lying on the time it acquired her to fully heal herself. As an Arrancar, Ulquiorra had experienced all kinds of variations in healing abilities, but none of them was near as fast as this girl’s ability. But this was not her only attribute. She had displayed a unique energy while performing her powers, varying from no reatsu at all, to a spirit energy that surpassed even Aizen’s. It was evident though, that she needed a specific ‘motive’ to display her abilities each and every time.
When she first observed her in a fight when, under Aizen’s orders, he led the Adjucha in the human world, he was able to see her in a fight that required only her own survival. She did fight the monster well enough, to the point of taking it down all by herself, but still, even after she released her Bankai, she only let Ulquiorra get a brief glimpse of her power. She was able to perform complicated spells, but still, not to perfection.
Although, this changed when the situation called for her to protect her friends. With a little motivation imposed by Yammy, her reatsu was at last released. This time Ulquiorra was able to observe thoroughly her power, that was easily surpassing his own and any other Espada’s, proceeding to surpass Aizen’s. With only a single move, she was able to amputate with great ease Yammy’s arm, displaying a pattern of energy that was utterly unique. It reached even the point where she was completely ignorant to the extent of her own injuries. Still, Ulquiorra believed that they could push her more. But the place and situation had reached their limit so they had to depart.
But there was one little thing that Ulquiorra was unable to understand fully. Back when Szayelaporro amputated her hand, Ulquiorra caught himself with a sort on uneasiness rising inside his mind. Why was he even bothered to see the girl’s arm being cut off and why this thoughts had made their way inside his mind. Undoubtedly they were one’s that up until now, where unable to form inside his mind. It was utterly peculiar. Back in time, when he was beside his comrades in Aizen’s army, he absolutely felt nothing when he was seeing them being hit, or even killed. To him, it was the only proof that they were trash with no purpose of existence.
At this current situation though, why did he feel the urge to keep that girl as it is? Why his thoughts were roamed around her well being, and he was left feeling discreetly drawn towards her? Who exactly was this girl?
He pushed the thought away from his mind. She still was nothing but a tool and she should be treated as such.
The beatings changed.
Ulquiorra glanced over to the screens, only to see her vital signs begin to hit sky levels. He calmly looked back at the girl. Was she about to wake up?
On the contrary, the girl kept her serene face, not even blinking. But Ulquiorra was able to locate the small difference.
His eyes fell just where her chest was, on the left side. There it was, his eyes were never fooled.
Right on that spot, a small black rose made its appearance, blooming on her bosom slowly but steadily. Ulquiorra made a few steps forward, narrowing the space between him and the water tank, so he would be able to observe the new reaction. His emerald eyes focused on the tattoo-like flower, which seemed to move on her chest. It was exactly the same as the ones that appeared when her arm was cut off.
Ulquiorra?’ a soft voice said then from behind him.
The Espada turned immediately, only to see the girl standing just in front of the entrance door. She was exactly like she was inside the water tank; the only difference was that her whole body was made from clear white light. A projection or an illusion? Ulquiorra immediately located what he thought to be tears running in abundance from her eyes that had no iris at all.
Ulquiorra?’ she repeated, almost whispering.
‘Who are you woman?’ Ulquiorra asked coldly.
More tears ran from her eyes ‘You don’t remember me Ulquiorra?’
He took a few steps towards her ‘I am forced to ask you to return to your cell immediately. Otherwise, I will have to restrain you myself.’ He said in a monotone.
How can you not remember me?’ the girl continued, despair painting her voice.
‘I am afraid I have no recollection of meeting you in the past woman.’ He simply answered.
The girl disappeared from in front of him. Ulquiorra’s eyes widened a mere inch. What kind of abilities was she currently using? And why was he not able to detect any change in her reatsu?
How can you not remember me?.....Just how?....’ he heard her soft voice again.
This time he located her in front of the water tank, large tears rolling down her eyes and her body to be shaken from her sobs. She appeared to look into the void in front of her, as her gaze was looking down at the floor.
‘Woman, return to your cell. I have no recollection of your existence in the past. You are a mere human, so that would be unusual.’ Ulquiorra said coldly.
The girl stopped sobbing and straightened her whole body, gazing over to Ulquiorra.

Then you’ll have to remember me all over again. And the time for that is coming closer.

Nightmare Throne - by ElleXVI

So this is the throne that you came across in your dream!!!!!! All credits go to my best friend ElleXVI for making it for me!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! <3 <3 <3

UlquiorraXReader W.M.H.B - Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Everlasting Nightmare

“Darkness does not leave us easily as we would hope.”
― Margaret Stohl

An Angel, a Demon, The parts you played on lonesome nights. The damage, inflicted,
The pain and lust they leave behind. Never Give In by Black Veil Brides

Read me tonight, when the warnings said leave a shudder upon you
Running from all that you feared in your life
Soul of the night, when the sun mislead paint a horror upon you
Hell by Disturbed

You were in the middle of a perfectly white valley. You didn’t know how you got there, nor which way is the way out of there. You look around you. The sand beneath your feet is white as snow and seems to glow with a strange creepy light under your bare feet. Everything is empty and cold around you. You look at the sky and see only the silver moon, with absolutely no star to adorn the rest of it. How is this possible? Where are you?

Around you, in the deep white desert, are scattered trees, onyx colored, giving you the impression that they are burnt, which is not the case . Around them, in a small perimeter, there is rich grass in the same color as the desert. White.

Looking around you can understand that the only prevailing colors are white and black, which gives you a strange feeling of familiarity, as if you've been there again, as if every inch of this barren and frightening world had welcomed you in the past. But you are sure this is the first time you've been there.

All is quiet ... and then, the absolute silence stops, a breathing. You look around you in surprise, trying to discern the direction from which it comes and of course, what causes it. And then you see them.

If you could describe them, you would say that they are not just monsters, but demons. Appearing from every possible angle, from every little shadow caused by the trees, in the beautiful sand. Their eyes nail so strong to you, that you can feel your skin melt under their pressure. Some of them smile to you, others growled. But the only common they have, is that they all glide gently and firmly on the sand, with only a single direction. You.

You don’t stay there. You turn and immediately begin to run, with all the power that your legs can give you, as far as possible, away from these creatures. You hear them behind you laugh, laugh maniacally, as they glide quickly towards you . They toy you and you know it; if they were running full speed, they would reach you with great ease, but instead they decided to play the game of cat and mouse, and lead you into a corner. You won’t let them though.

Then you arrive in front of a beautiful palace . The fact that it is white, doesn’t impress you at all anymore, as you run up the marble stairs. The building though abandoned and in poor condition, continues to reflect the greatness that was maintained when in the days of its glory. You arrive in front of the huge marble doors and pushing them with all your power, open and pass the impressive interior. To prevent the monsters from following you, you shut the doors and running between the halls and rooms, you try to escape.

Until you arrive in a huge hall. The size leaves you speechless, along with how beautiful it is, embellished with white fabrics that reflect the dim light, due to the ratio of the small crystals that have on them. And then there, on the opposite side of the hall is a throne.

Then, unexpectedly , a chilling music fills the room , echoing on the walls and making you shiver . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cr0wHbBoZsM

But the throne draws your attention once more.

It is made of a peculiar purple crystal, and it looks so natural, as if the growing crystal, created the throne. It seems nevertheless imposing and dominates the space. You approach it carefully, enchanted by the reflection of light on the beautiful rock. Gently, carefully, you stretch out your hand and touch the cold stone. You caress the streams that have formed over time on the beautiful crystal.

The throne, however, seems abandoned. You can swear that someone hasn’t sat on this too long. That a king or queen, grew tired of sitting on him and left him for too long. Left their tasks and left the throne empty, handing the keys of the kingdom. But why did they do this? What led them to this fatal act?

And the throne stands alone, left as a unique element that proves that once was a king here. And it awaits him again, to turn back and resume his duties.

And then the crystal under your arm warms up. Puzzled, you raise your hand to see what happens , just to see a black spot where your hand was before, appear and slowly spread over the throne. This is not good . You start retreating as possible away from the throne as you can, but before you could turn around and run, large black ropes come from it and are ejected towards you.

You do not have time to run. You feel them being wrapped around your ankles , managing to throw you down. You scream as you try to escape , but those slowly but firmly pull you backwards. You fight , but in vain. One rope wraps around your waist.

And then you are ejected backwards.

You jump up in your bed at the same time the mirror opposite your bed is dissolved into a thousand pieces and the windows of the room burst open violently. Your breath is cut for a few minutes, and you just sit on your bed and put your head inside your hands, trying to calm down. This time, the nightmare was more intense than anyone you had so far. You urgently need to ask Urahara for help.

Employing all your strength, you manage to get out of bed and repair your mirror with a move that sends him back into place, perfectly patched. Getting ready for school and grabbing your bag, you leave the house.

The sun is shining brightly over your head, without a single cloud threatening to disrupt the magical warmth pouring onto the earth. It gently warms your back, filling you with a sweet heat that can only make your mood. You walk cheerfully, humming the song playing on the radio when you were preparing beforehand at home.

'Good morning! ' you heard a voice sing from behind you.

Before you can even turn and see who it is, two hands wrap around you with power and your vision blurs an orange sea of hair. Your breath is cut as Orihime puts all her power, resulting in choking you. The only thing you so is sigh with the everlasting good mood of your best friend.

'Good morning to you ... Orihime.' You're employing all the air that is left in your lungs.

'I heard what happened yesterday, are you okay? I was so worried! I made your favorite spring rolls, the recipe that you like, to make you feel better! I hope that nothing else will happen! Ichigo and the others were so worried.' She said with a single breath.

'Orihime.' You murmur.

'What is it? Anything you want me to bring you? Just say it and I’ll get it for you! Do you want go to the hospital? Are you feeling okay?’

'Orihime, you're killing me. ' she releases you right away, with you taking deep breaths.

'I'm so sorry.’ she exclaims, with her face to become red with shame.

'Never mind.' You smile. Then you observe that with her is also Sado.

'Hey Chad, good morning.' You say.

'Good morning, ____ . Hope you're back on your feet today." He said amicably.

'I'm better than ever.' You smile while hugging Orihime to reassure her.

You start walking to school.

'It seems to me, however, very strange for an Adjucha to be found that simply in the city.' Sado observes.

Orihime agrees nodding 'This is true.'

"I think someone must have let it in here. Else, how can it appear within the city? But we were lucky that I stumbled on it before it caused too much damage.' You tell the two friends.

'You're the best ____ !' Orihime cries and hugs you once again.

And then, the ground is shaken by an explosion. A bright light blinds you, but immediately disappears, leaving behind a strange, surprisingly intense emotion, as something is directly attacking your soul. Two spiritual pressures. And they are huge.

'Tell me that you feel that.' You look at your friends, surprised.

"It's huge.' Orihime says, terror painting her face.

'We need to check it immediately.’ Sado says and the three of you start running toward the point from which the energy is emitted.

You and Chad are running as quickly as possible, with obvious determination, before your will to protect the city from any danger. But then you notice that Orihime has been losing ground. You relaxed running a little and grabbing her by the hand you pull her to hurry.

'No need to fear anything, Orihime.' You assured her 'Everything will be okay.'

She looks at you with her eyes filled with tears 'What if I can’t protect you?'

You give her a smile 'You will. I trust you.'

This seems to encourage her somewhat. You still remember the last battle that the two of you had when Urahara trained you together, without holding himself back. You had fell unconscious and Orihime didn’t manage protect you well enough, so you both needed medical assistance for many weeks. Now, however, you were confident that even if she couldn’t protect you, you will do the best you can to keep her safe.

Arriving at the park, your blood freezes from the sinister sight. Human corpses were dropped right and left with absolutely no wounds, across the perimeter of the park. No second look needed, to understand that their souls were devoured. But what was able to extend the radius of its influence to such an extent?

And then, you see them.

They are standing straight ahead, on the edge of a large crater, the size of it that is just like if a meteor hit the ground. And they are two.

The first one is tall, at least two meters, and resembles a giant. He has tan skin and he is very well built with a ridge-lined cranium. He has brown eyes in the color of soil, black hair up in a thin ponytail reaching his upper-back, and long, bushy sideburns. Aside from this, he is bald. He has orange eyebrows, something you find very strange and red markings under his eyes. You can clearly see a large hole, located in the middle of his chest. He has a piece of a broken mask in his chin; a jawbone with eight teeth. His left shoulder was adorned with a 10 tattooed on it. He wears a white uniform.

But your eyes focused on the other man that was standing next to the giant, which you recognize immediately as the man who you almost run over.

As you approach , the second turns his face toward you and you immediately feel his gaze to pierce you, like an arrow. You were preparing to attack him, when you hear a scream.

Terrorized, you see Tatsuki fallen on her knees and staring at the big giant, who is ready to strike her with his fist , something that instantly makes all your alarms sound, knowing that this would be a fatal blow for her.

But Chad manages to get in the middle at the appropriate time, stopping the blow with his arm, which he has already converted. Tatsuki faints, just the moment when Orihime manages to stretch out her hands and to halt the girls fall somewhat.

‘Ulquiorra is he trash?’ the giant asks the man.

‘Yes.’ He replies, with absolutely no emotion in his voice.

'Orihime! _____ ! Stay back ! Do not meddle at all! ' Chad screams towards you, and the two of you try to help Tatsuki as he runs to repel the huge giant.

'Orihime, keep your strength just yet, it may be needed." You advise your best friend as you see her ready to use her powers to heal your friend. But you know that she'll be okay, she just wants some time.

She nods with understanding and you both try to help any way you can the unconscious girl. You look at Chad, who’s now fighting the giant with force. It is obvious at first glance that the giant has the upper hand, but Chad is trying to do his best to protect you. Your eyes then fall back to the dark-haired man, only to realize that he hasn’t taken his eyes off you not even a second, almost completely oblivious to his partner. His stare is still frozen and expressionless, but this time, you manage to read something. Curiosity?

You help Orihime place Tatsuki back, placing her carefully in the trunk of the tree behind, when you hear a scream. Turning, you see Yammy to uproot Chad’s hand and throw him on a tree, cutting it in two, with Chad slumping to the ground.

He is ready to give Chad a final blow when you jump up.

'Oh no, you won't! Dankū!!! ' you scream and the opaque wall appears in front of Chad, protecting him from Yammy’s fist.

The giant turns surprised, a surprise that makes him turn towards you.

'Ulquiorra is this trash also?' he asks as he moves towards the two of you. Ulquiorra didn’t answer, which didn’t particularly stop Yammy.

'I'll kill you quickly." Says the giant and stretches his hand pointing with his index.

'Santen Kesshun!' you hear Orihime shout behind you and an orange wall stops Yammy’s index, inches before touching your face, protecting you.

'Orihime, rush to Chad, now.’ You tell her and obeying she runs to heal the fallen friend.

' Where are you going trash?' Yammy exclaims to her, turning towards her.

'You are now playing with me.' You throw at him seriously, making him turn towards you .

'Then let's play.' he responds with a smug smile.

'Gekitai suru!' Repel, you scream and throwing the giant twenty meters behind, beside his back haired ally, who is not even turning to look at him.

You remove from your bag your hairpin, and when it turns into a katana, you grasp it with power in front of you.

The giant screams and attacks you, but running with power, you manage to jump over him and you fall right behind his back, giving him a deep scar in his back. He screams and back downs for a moment. He turns unexpectedly, trying to throw a punch, which you avoid, flexibly bowing exactly at the right moment. This move leaves him unprotected, with his chest completely exposed, which you take advantage of, piercing him with the katana right in the middle and pulling it with all your power down.

He screams and before you manage to react on time, he hits you with his arm, throwing you several meters back, hitting the ground.

You just have some seconds to get up before the first ball in the Cero hit you. You observe that he projected them from his hands and that is faster to load them than any other Cero user you have seen, something that makes you strive to avoid them, using all the flexibility and quick reactions you have, avoiding them for millimeters.

The giant seems to be more and more upset when none of the balls seem to touch you, screams loudly from his irritation, stopping firing balls, and giving you the opportunity for an attack.

"Kunrinsha yo! Chiniku no kamen, banshō, habataki, hito no na o kansu mono yo! Shōnetsu to sōran, umihedate sakamaki minami e to ho o susume yo!" you make the invocation 'Shakkahō!' two balls in the size of a basket ball, are thrown from your hands against him and before he can block them, hit him directly in the chest, giving him two massive burns and throwing him several meters behind.

Grabbing the katana, you try again one assault against him . He screams as his wounds are serious, and attacks also.

Putting all your strength, you attempt to cut him wide in the belly. But the unexpected happens. With flexibility that surprises you, he manages to dodge the sword. Next thing you know, his leg kicks you in the belly, and your body is thrown into the air and falls lifeless to the ground.

For a moment , everything around you blurs. You can hear Orihime screaming your name and Yammy laugh with his heart, but it's like you hear them through a pond, with all the water blocking your ears.

The pain is so great, that you are now numb throughout. You feel streams of blood flowing from your head and a huge wound, like a hole, in your stomach, gashing rapidly out blood. Slowly but surely, you feel your senses to leave you and the dark begin to invade your vision .

So this is the end? You will die here, whipped irreparably, damaged by a giant with an abnormally strong kick? No! You want to fight ! But now your body doesn’t obey. It is very weak. You can’t hold on anymore. You wish that something or someone could help you. You don’t want to die here . Not yet.

And then, miraculously, you feel a strange, eerie power to overwhelm you, as the fog fills the forests and mountains . Gently and quickly. It feeds you to be stronger, to nourish you, to heal you. Gently you put your hands on your belly and feel the wound to close - not quite, but close. Slowly but steadily, the senses and your powers are coming back, stronger than ever, an energy that seems foreign, almost paranoid. But you accept it. You must protect your friends and if necessary, will use that method to find a way to do it.

You put your hands on the grass and lift your torso. You look for the giant, only to see him and everyone else to looking at you. Instinctively, your eyes turn to the black haired man who for the first time looks at you with surprise painted on his face.

Standing up, you take the sword in your hands and dragging it on the ground, and you walk slowly toward Yammy with your eyes glued only to the giant, who is now smiling to the challenge.

'You just refuse to die, don't you? This time, I'll kill you for good.' He throws at you excited.

You just keep on walking calmly towards him.

Shouting loudly and running towards you, he raises his fist to hit you.

Five meters remain......

Three meters.....

Two meters.....

He holds out his fist forcefully forward, smiling triumphantly to his impending success. But a few centimeters before, you raise your left hand and stop his fist halfway. His arm is immobilized along with the rest of his body. Around you, falls deathly silence. His eyes open by surprise and his jaw drops to the floor. He cannot believe how you managed to stop his fist, without the slightest scratch.

‘How the hell?' he wonders, as he tries to get his hand back, however, it seems to be stuck in your open palm, which looks tiny in front of his.

'You think I'll let go so easily?' smiling insanely and raising your eyes, you look at him in the eyes.

A look in your eyes and the surprise stops him. In the reflection in his eyes, you can see your eyes completely black, with no iris.

You smile wide, while, black rose vines start from where you are touching him and extend all the way up to his shoulder, covering gorgeously his skin, glowing uniquely. And then, you hear a crack and his hand dissolves into millions of small pieces.

The giant falls back, screaming in pain, dragging himself as far away from you, near his ally who can help him.

But you, you feel your eyes turn back and your energy reaching normal levels. You're determined though, not to let him escape.

'Kin' you scream and see the hand of the giant get stuck to his back, and the black fabric tying down, which is secured by metal rods.

Now it's your turn to smile smugly.

You stretch your hand forward as far as you can, marking him, with your palm facing him 'Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō'

And then it all happens in an instant.

The beam of electricity and spiritual energy is created like lightning in your hand and charges against the giant, ready to eliminate him from existence. The spell is so strong that the ground beneath it, is dissolved and breaks , leaving a vast stream of excavated soil. The energy, intensely blue, splashes furiously against the enemy and wants only a few inches to touch him, when a shadow is thrown in the middle. All you see is a white hand stand up and literally stop the beam halfway, as if it was a ball. It holds it there for a while, making it unable to continue its destructive purpose and after pressing it with the fingers, shatters it.

You see the black haired man appear behind the energy, surprised beyond imagination about what he did. Urahara himself taught you that this is one of the most powerful Kido spells. How did he manage to stop it, using only his bare hand?

' Enough.' The man says looking at you blankly.

He walks towards you, not taking his eyes off you, and stops just five feet away from you. He lifts his hand slowly but steadily and you barely have time to see a slight red glow appear. His hand moves sharply.

And then you feel it. An energy, like a bullet, penetrates your heart.

All things around you fade as you pass out.


Ulquiorra grabs you before your body hits the ground and picks you up in his arms. He glares at the horizon, where he can see and feel the energy of the man, Lord Aizen send them to kill getting closer and closer. He calculates the possibilities and it’s clear that they are not to their favor. At least they got the girl with the strange reiatsu. Lord Aizen will be pleased to see her, as he has requested them to bring her to him, after Ulquiorra let them see what she was capable of. A really interesting human indeed. Even he, Ulquiorra, admits it. He has a clue about what may she be, but he will need time to make sure.

‘It is time for our departure Yammy.’ He says to his fallen ally as he comes closer to him.

The Garganda opens behind him and the wounded Yammy is the first to pass through. But Ulquiorra doesn’t cross it just yet.

He looks at the red headed female that stares at him shocked.

‘This is not over woman.’ He says and passes through the portal.

Your sketch from the story :D

The ring thingy is the sign for Nihilism

Ulquiorra X Reader - W.M.H.B Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Fatal Encounter

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art...It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival
C. S. Lewis

I feel this is the beginning
The beginning through the end
There’s nothing left to fear now
In This Moment- Burn - from the album Blood

' Earth to _____ , _____ do you hear me?' Orihime nodded with her hand vigorously in front of your face, trying to get your attention. From the sudden movement, however, the only thing she managed to do, is to scare you .

'My God, Orihime! You scared the hell out of me.' You say, as your trying to catch your breath that had been cut.

'Sorry but I was talking to you _____ and you didn’t even blink. Are you daydreaming again?' she said and pulling a chair, sat down in front of your desk , resting her hands on the desk and her head on them 'Did you have a nightmare again?' she stared at you with sincere eyes, her mood decreasing rapidly in front of the tired sight of her friend.

All you did was to nod 'It was much worse this time..' you admit puffing loudly.

'You need to talk to Urahara about it. He might help.' She suggested.

' I don’t think he can do something Orihime. Besides, they are nothing but dreams.' You shrugged your shoulders and looked down again . Under your hands was a piece of paper on which you had drawn abstract things that prevailed through your dreams. It was very strange, but all these nightmares had something familiar in them, as if you had been in these places before, only that they had definitely came from the darkest abyss.

The drawings always help somewhat, mainly releasing space in your already filled brain and give you the opportunity to examine them calmly afterwards. Before, they were just sketches about very strange monsters, which had masks, horns, and usually had a hole, like a trademark. But this time things were very different. This time, what prevailed was a pair of eyes, that every time you looked at them, you felt them reach in your soul.

Sighing again, you pull the sheet and give it to Orihime, who takes it in her hands and brings it so close to her face that makes you wonder why she doesn’t feel any dizziness. Her decisive look on her face betrays her thoughts.

'This is new." she said and pointed at the pair of eyes on the paper 'They look like kitten eyes! How sweet! ' she exclaimed cheerfully.

' I don’t think they are.' You replied wearily.

'But they can be. Maybe yesterday you saw some sweet kitty and you saw her again in your sleep! It had happened to me also, with a little dog.' She said merrily, like a little kid 'It was small and all white , with a pink nose. A neighbor had it, and that night I saw it in my sleep . Of course I saw it bite me, but okay.'

'You may be right.' You finally agreed. With your fatigue, you thought it was better not to argue about from where these eyes came. But you much doubted that it was from a cat.

‘Hey! Are you two coming or we’ll have to wait the whole day?" came an irritated voice from the classroom door.

Both of you turned towards there, just to see Rukia folding her hands in her chest with obvious irritation. You hadn’t realized that the bell had ringed five minutes ago.

'Hey! Rukia!' Orihime exclaimed, and you could swear that she teleported, because one moment was next to you and the other was grabbing Rukia tight in a death-hug .

'Orihime you are killing her.' You joked , watching Rukia struggling to be released, and soon to acquire a pale face.

When Orihime finally released her, the petite girl had to hold on the frame of the door to catch her breath.

'Th ... that was close.' She said , trying to regain her breath . In response, you and Orihime laughed.

When you made sure that she was okay, you followed her in the courtyard , where as usual headed to your usual spot, under a big cedar. There, was the rest of the gang. Ichigo was trying to sleep , leaning on the trunk of the huge tree, but the fuss made by Renji, Sato and captain Hitsugaya as they were playing a strange game, based on bets, prevented Ichigo from finding a moment of calm. Ishida was trying to put them back in row, because they had begun to attract the attention of other students, but all his efforts were falling on deaf ears. By the time Rukia came close.

'Cut the racket!' that was enough to make the three boys to look at her and stop disagreeing so strongly.

‘Way to go Rukia.’ You say as you sit down on the grass.

' At last I’ll get some sleep.’ Ichigo said.

'What happened to you Ichigo?’ Orihime teased him.

He sighed loudly ' It’s the training from Urahara. I swear, just a little bit and I’ll die from exhaustion .'

'Oh come on! You can’t possibly find it so difficult.' You laugh.

He lifts his head to look at you better 'Sure, you 're used to it in so many years you are close to your uncle, but we aren’t the same. '

'I agree, but we won’t have fast results, except in this way.' You rebuke him severely.

'You're right.' He finally sighs and reclines back . Within a few seconds, you hear him snoring softly.

And he was right . So many years next to Urahara and Yoruichi, you had gone through so many levels of training , that now the training they give to your friends was just warming up for you. But don’t complain. You were too young when Urahara adopted and took you under his protection along with Yoruichi. Your parents were gone a long time ago, so you grew up with those around you to support you . Of course , it is widely known that they are both very odd, but they still are family and you will love them no matter what. You still remember the first day you met the rest of the gang and went to Urahara 's shop together, just to open the door to a completely naked Yoruichi. My God , the yells you had put that day. But also, how long it took the boys to overcome the spectacle.

Smiling gently, you bite a little of your snack .

'Well, what do you plan to do the afternoon after school?' Orihime asks excitedly.

'Practice most likely.' Rukia replied.

' We have nothing specific yet. Do you have something to suggest Orihime?' asks Renji.

'Renji, I said , we need to practice.’ Rukia insisted , however the redhead smiled wide .

'As I said , we have nothing.'

' Why don’t you come over at my place? We can see a movie, or play something .. Oh ! I know! I’ll cook for everyone! ' Orihime announced, happy that she was going to cook.

' NO!’ everyone said.

Orihime seemed upset ' Maybe it's better to bring pizzas, what do you say Ishida?' Sado said.

'Yes, it’s better. Let’s not bother you too much Orihime. ' Ishida replied, skillfully avoiding the pitfall.

'Yes! Pizza!' Orihime agreed.

'What do you think ____ ?’ Rukia asked you.

' Unfortunately I won’t hang out with you tonight guys. I must go to Urahara to help with some stuff . ' you shrug.


' _____ open the door!'

You can clearly listen to Yoruichi pounding on your door, but of course along with you and all the rest of the neighborhood.

' ______ open the door otherwise I’ll break it!' she threatened.

You didn’t answer . There was no way of you answering. They had deeply disappointed you, her and Urahara. You can’t even understand the reason why she was now outside your door, pounding it about half hour, with undiminished interest, just to infuriate you so much, so that you’ll finally open it. But you will not open.

In contrast , you sat on your bed (http://cdn.home-designing.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/purple-bedroom.jpg), coldly looking at the picture you had taken with you on your (age) birthday this year.

Even if you were on the second floor of the house , you can hear her sigh clearly outside the door.

'We love you _____ . We did not want all this to happen . Please open. ' Again nothing.

' I will come tomorrow . ' She said gently and turning , began to leave.

At the same time you threw the photo on the wall , breaking it into a thousand pieces.


The sun was setting on the horizon of the city, inundating everything in a beautiful bright orange light. You nodded to your friends who were distancing themselves heading Orihime’s house. You really wanted to join them, but you knew you had to help in the shop. It doesn’t matter though, we can’t have everything. You tied the rollers more tightly on your feet and balancing, managed to get up. That morning you had thought you had a long time to practice them a little, so you took them with you. They were a gift from Orihime for your birthday and within a short time, you had managed to become very good.

Thus, you started heading to the shop. The distance was relatively large, but it won’t tire you so much this time. You tried to avoid as much as possible the main roads, as cars and pedestrians would make it difficult for your course. You put cheerfully the earphones in your ears and began to mumble the song playing at the moment.

You were thinking about how lucky you were. Urahara always disagreed with the idea to put you into action, despite your excellent training, but for three months or so now, Ichigo managed to convince them and now you were an active member of the team. Of course, all of them were careful as to not let the secret be discovered by Soul Society, because then Urahara would have really big problems. Fortunately, both captain Hitsugaya, and Rukia with Renji agreed with Urahara’s request. Moreover, an exiled Shinigami, is forbidden from training anyone.

The first time you met captain Hitsugaya and Rukia, they thought you were a Hollow, due to your strange reiatsu, but fortunately, Urahara walked into the middle before things got ugly. Of course , despite the fact that Rukia relaxed her attitude towards you, captain Hitsugaya insisted not to trust you too much, something that certainly can’t be explained and insisted to call him by his full name. But you are sure that at some point, he will come along too.

Calm and relaxed as you were, you just had the time to see the man who jumped in front of you unexpectedly.

'Watch out!’ you immediately cried, struggling to avoid him.

He turned towards you , but you didn’t see at all who he was, as you avoided him for literal millimeters. But you failed to maintain your balance and, thus fall to the ground, tearing utterly your knees and palms.

You swore loudly. Turning, you sat gently on the ground, examining your palms and knees, just to see plenty of blood run out.

'Well, don’t you see where you're going?’ you demanded to know, looking up at the stranger, just to feel your mouth fall open.

There, a few feet away from you, was standing a slender, yet fairly muscular man, average at height. He had fairly short and messy, ebony hair, with bangs falling between his eyes. His skin was so white, that it strongly reminded you of snow. But the most striking feature of his, was his eyes. He had venom green eyes, that seemed to dazzle you the more you looked at them, with slit-shaped pupils. Under his eyes descended two tear lines, at the same color as his eyes, reaching down on his face. He had a broken horned helmet on the top-left side of his head, something that you thought was strange, cause it kind of reminded you the drawings you made.

He was so unreal looking, that for a moment, you just looked at him, with your thoughts stopping in your mind and your heart pounding loudly. When that time passed, anger filled you again.

'Next time, be more careful pretty boy.' You threw furiously at him.

‘Human, can you see me?' his voice was so icy that you failed to detect any emotion.

You rolled your eyes ‘Of course I can see you, I'm not blind. But what a gentleman you are! A proper man should lift a girl when he throws her down.' You threw, trying to make your voice as icy as his own, while getting up.

He said nothing, not that you sat to hear. Collecting your bag from the ground, you left quickly.

'Good night!' you yelled loudly as you left the shop. The chores had lasted longer than you expected , so it is now two hours before midnight. The moon was high in the sky when you started walking home. You had insisted to Yoruichi not to accompany you, as you noticed that she was too tired and would be a shame to tire her more.

This time, your rollers were hanging from the side of your bag as you considered it very tiresome to have to watch out not to lose your balance. So, putting once again the headphones on your ears and leaving a big yawn out, you started walking towards the house.

The weather was very cold, even if winter wasn’t here yet, making you tighten your coat a little more on you.

The streets were completely empty, with the exception of some cars that just passed you sometimes, going, obviously, to their homes. You raised your head skyward, sticking your eyes on the beautiful silver ball hanging there, illuminating your way brightly. You were always enchanted by the moon . There was something familiar, something very close to you in it, which made you calm down and relax. Sometimes these feelings seemed strange and you couldn’t understand where they sprang from. But you never thought it too much.

All was calm on this night. Until you went to get off the sidewalk. Then you felt it. A huge spiritual energy coming towards you. And it can be only one thing.

You look behind you and see a huge Adjuchas-class Menos to appear from a corner. His eyes were immediately nailed to you, feeling your own energy, and opening his mouth, let out a cry that forced you to cover your ears to endure it.

'How the hell is so big?' you wonder aloud, as the Adjucha was at least seven feet tall, something that goes contrary to what you have learned so far.

Continuing to scream, you only had half time to see the ball of Cero created in his mouth, as he ejects a ruddy, like blood, beam towards you, which you managed to avoid by throwing your body forward at the appropriate time.

You sit up and pull your favorite hairpin, in the shape of a rose from your bag, which at the exact moment you touch it, turns into a silver katana. You get up and holding your sword firmly, you rush against the Adjucha with all your might.

It shoots another beam Cero, which you avoids again, and gliding beside it, you manage to cut its sides utterly flank . It screams and turns towards you, while you avoid his hand, jumping over it.

You firmly grab its shoulder and stepping on its side, you manage to nail the katana right in the middle of its mask. But before you could cut it utterly, ending his life, it grabs you firmly by the hand and shoots you twenty meters away, with you banging violently on the asphalt. When you stop, a scream of pain escapes from your lips, as his touch gave you a great burn like acid in your hand. You don’t have time yet to heal, as the Adjucha runs towards you with all its speed.

'Jimen wa yokusei' Ground restrain, you scream and huge branches of asphalt hurled against it, hitting it straight in the chest and sending it many feet away from you. This will give you a few minutes.

'Iyasu' Heal, the burn on your hand slowly begins to recede until it disappears completely.

Grabbing the katana again, that had fallen next to you, you run against the creature. It screams again and disappears.

The surprise penetrates you, but then you feel it to be right behind you. You turn, and barely have time to put the katana in the middle and cut the attack before it cut you in two. Due to the force, you hurl back where you manage to stop completely upright.

The thing is, the creature has begun to get on your nerves.

Before you can attack, it opens its mouth and lets out a fistulous cry, which forces you to re-cover your ears, as your knees bent and you kneel in the street. The Adjucha watching you, lifts its hands and three balls of Cero are created simultaneously , one in each palm and one in its mouth, without interrupting the howling .

'Oh my God , make it work this time!' you mumble as the last Kidō spell you learned from Urahara comes into your mind 'Dankū!!!' you scream with all your power.

Miraculously , an opaque wall appears in front of you, and when the Cero hits on it, it manages to protect you from them.

'Yes! It worked!' you shout joyous, as it is the first time you've managed to successfully complete this spell.

The Adjucha interrupts the howling and stares at you, as you lift and hold your sword firmly in front of you.

'The battle is over little monster. Time to finish you.' You say.

At that moment , you feel three reiatsu coming towards you quickly. The energy seems familiar enough. Your friends come to help you.

‘I got this covered, though. ' you smile to yourself .

'Punishment!' you scream 'Xustiza da Raíña' Queen's Justice.

The ground vibrates as two shapes appear on the ground. One is black and has the shape of a circle and the other is white and has the shape of a pentagram. From inside appear two men, one made of black energy and the other one from white . They stand between you and Adjucha. Both stretch perfectly synchronized their hands, one the right hand and the other the left and those convert into long blades.

And they attack.

You don’t even have time to blink your eyes as they disappear and you see the creature to stand still in place. The men appear behind it and the Adjucha lets out a little cry as you see it being cut into four pieces and disappear.

' ____ 're okay?’ You hear a familiar voice behind you.

Turning , you see Ichigo, Ishida and Rukia coming running towards you.

'Now I'm perfect.' You smile wide.

You do not know, however, that the man with the green eyes is watching you from the top of a building , quite close to the fighting ground. He saw the whole battle unravel in front of him, without any reaction.

'This human is interesting.' He mumbles.