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CHAPTER 3 (please read (: )

Chapter 3
(flashback still)

Mello stared at the anorexic looking female standing next to his idol.
“This is Cage everyone.” L announced.
“She’s effing hot man.” Matt’s jaw dropped.
“ I’ve seen better.” Mello said blankly.
Matt grimaced and looked over at wammy, who was taking her upstairs.
Mello smirked and shot out “Why don’t you help her with her bags, lover-boy.”
Matt thought for a moment, then walked over to them. “Can I help you with her bags, sir..?”
The girl rolled her eyes and looked at the old man with penetrating eyes.
“I can take them…” She said with annoyance.
Wammy was shocked as the girl took her baggage and room number up the stairs.
Matt sped up to her, insisting he could help. “No! I don’t want your help! Go flirt with some tall blonde idiot! Just leave me ALONE!”

The room went silent.
The next morning…..
Cage woke crying. “Great, more nightmares.”
She wasn’t sharing a room at the moment because of her unstable mentality.
Her parents were murdered on her birthday by her older sister.
Suddenly, she heard a faint knock at her door.
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CHAPTER 2 (please read (: )

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Chapter 2
7:23 PM Of the next day.
(Aubra Palazzo is a girl that Mello is in love with, she will be in here a lot..)
Matt ,Mello and Aubra were in the hotel, getting ready to capture Takada.
“You sure you wanna do this Matt..?” Mello Exclaimed
Matt just shrugged and replied “I have nothing to lose…”
Mello looked at him with pity then glanced over at Aubra and sighed.
“Aubra,will you be alright..?” He never felt anything toward Cage/Azelia, and didn’t know what to do or think.
“I was gone to my parents house one night, and she goes after Kira…DO YOU THINK I’M ALRIGHT????!!!”
That stung Mello.
Aubra walked over to Matt and gave him a hug. “I know you liked her….”
“I still remember the day I met her……” He said emotionless.
“Dude,whens L gonna get here…?” 13 year old Matt exclaimed.
“Psh,don’t say his name so causually like that!” Mello retorted.
“Hey, sorry man. I forgot you like this guy….”
“Why don’t YOU???!!” Mello was furious.
“I just don’t care…I don’t wanna get into this competition with you and sheep.” That was Nears nickname.
Wammy stepped outside with a megaphone. “Ahem, Children, L is here with another gifted student, please create a single file line outside the doors and we will greet them.”
“Fresh meat.” Mello smirked and got in line.
“Wonder if it’s a boy or girl..” Matt wondered, following Mello in line.
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Chapter 1

6:32 AM
“Cage is d-dead…?” Matt’s eyes were brimming with tears.
“Well, Azelia that is….I found out her real name…” Mello looked down.
“H-how…?” He said already knowing the answer.
“He got her Matt…..” The blonde looked out an open window.
Matt flipped the coffee table over and stormed into her room crying.
He sat on her bed,just waiting for her to walk in.
But of course she didn’t.
11:47 PM Of the same day…
Matt sat up to the computer,waiting for her to get on chat.
He sat back,letting go of all the denial.
He Loved that person…and she was dare he say it, dead.
Crap,he didn’t even know her real name that whole time.
Matt opened his drawer and took out a small ring box.
“Will you marry me..?” He recited and threw the box at the wall.