A fanfic: The story of why my O.C. Kiiro was kicked off team Asuma. -_-

Well this is my first fanfic, so sorry if its crappy! -__-
I'm sure if you watch Naruto you're familiar with Ino, & Shikamaru, but you obviously don't know my Naruto O.C. Kiiru, so here's a little info;

She's very short, the shortest ninja in the leaf village her age, but her size doesn't stop her from showing her feisty, tomboyish, tough, short-tempered personality. she's annoyed very easily by other girls, and hates all things weak, and girly. She is Shikamarus sister, & she is rough, like most Nara women. xD She was originally assigned to team Asuma, but was reassigned teams.
Why? Well, the story tells all. hope you like it. :D

It all begins when team Asuma assembles in the Hokage's office, awaiting their first mission assignment as a team. Asuma sensed some trouble, but couldn't quite put his finger on it....

Hokage; Alright children, your first mission as a team may seem easy, but don't go assuming things. So here it is: You are to go search for one of the villagers lost puppy. The villager said the puppy wandered off 2 days ago, & he hasn't seen it yet. Is your mission clear?

Team; Yes!

Hokage; Alright then, head out!

*Team asssembles outside of building, & begins to walk through the village.*

Kiiru; Jeez! This mission is for babies! It's embarassingly TOO easy, UGH!

Shikamaru; Alright then, if you think it's going to be so easy, then where do we begin searching?

Kiiru; Uhm....

Ino; I KNOW! Let's go ask some villagers if they've seen the dog around! :D

Shikamaru; Good Ino! Let's go ask that guy!

Kiiru; I didn't need your help Ino!

*Ino walks up to villager sitting on a bench*
Ino; sir, have you seen a little dog wandering around looking lost latley?

Man; Yes actually, when I went to pick herbs on the cliff, I saw a puppy wandering around in the flower field, he looked scared.

Ino; Okay, thanks!

Shikamaru; You heard that team, off to the cliff!

Kiiru; Shut up Shikamaru, it's not like you're the boss here!

Shikamaru; Maybe not, but I'm still bigger than you.

*Kiirus face turns read, and she punches Shikamaru so hard it sends him flying.*

Kiiru; YOU'RE WHAT NOW?!?!?!

Shikamaru; Nothing... -__-

*Team begins traveling to the Cliffs, they eventually make it.*

Ino; OHHH! Look at the pretty flowers!!!!

Kiiru; SHUUTUUUPP INO! *smacks her in the back of the head*

Ino; Hit me again! see what happens!

Kiiru; Give me a reason to.

Shikamaru; Stop fighting! Look over, there he is!

*team looks over to see puppy on edge of cliff*


*puppy yelpps & falls off side of cliff -___-*

Team; D:



*meanwhile, shikamaru goes & looks over cliff edge to find puppy landed safley on a ledge.*

Shikamaru; Look guys! He's safe! :D

*Shikamaru looks behind him to see a angry huffing Kiiru standing over am unconcious, brusied, bleeding Ino.*

Shikamaru; Uhm... Kiiru....

Kiiru; WHAT?!?!

Shikamaru; You get the puppy, I'll carry Ino home. -__-

**Team returns home with a mission accomplished, but due to hospitilizing Ino, Kiiro is assigned to a different team because she can't find a way to get along with her teammate Ino -__-

& That's the story, more to come! :D